How to choose the best Swim Spa in Australia

What Is The Best Swim Spa For Me? 3 Tips on How to Choose a Spa Pool

Getting your very own spa pool at home can be a fantastic investment. Enjoy soaking after a long day with therapeutic jets working your sore muscles, as your entire body relaxes. 

That said, spa pools can be a costly investment. 

While there can be a lot of variety in price points, you want to be sure you’re spending within budget for a spa pool that ticks the right boxes for you. 

At mySpa, our friendly team will work with you to figure out the best hot tub for your lifestyle.

To start thinking about what you want from your spa, work through the questions below then pop into mySpa for a test dip

For anything not covered below, be sure to take a look at our FAQs.

What this guide covers,

  1. A structurally sound, flat & level surface
  2. A well-draining area
  3. Allow more room than you might think
  4. Safe flooring and ventilation
  1. What size spa pool do you want?
  2. How frequently will you use it?
  3. Can you test a spa before purchase?


How much does a good quality spa pool cost?

A good quality spa pool can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000, depending on the size and features you’re looking for. Your budget would dictate what kind of spa pool you buy, so now is a great time to be thinking about your wants and your needs.

For example, if you’re buying a hot tub to entertain, you might be more interested in space over features, whereas for luxurious relaxation, you might be more willing to compromise on size in favour of more jets, LED lighting or a built-in stereo.

To get an idea of what you can afford, we recommend visiting the mySpa Sydney showroom to see our great range of spa pools and chat with our helpful team.

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Where can a spa pool be installed?

Before you decide on a spa pool, you need to know where it’s going and how much space is available

Portable spa pools can be installed indoors or outdoors, provided there’s enough space and a suitable surface to sit on.

Your space will need:

1. A structurally sound, flat & level surface:

A filled spa pool can weigh between one and three metric tonnes, so it must be placed on a surface strong enough to support a great deal of weight. 

Being level is also important, as hot tubs are designed to support evenly distributed water weight

Avoid installing on a side with large humps, hollows or twists, as these can slowly distort the pool.

2. A well-draining area:

Water is bound to spill from your spa pool in the due course of use. 

So, be sure to place your spa in a way that means the equipment compartment in particular is on well-draining ground, as you want to be sure to avoid water damage to the electronics. 

Drainage is especially important for an indoor spa, to prevent water logging or rot on your floor. 

3. Allow more room than you might think:

Of course, you’ll need enough space to fit the hot tub as it will normally sit. 

However, you should also consider how much space is available around the pool to allow actions such as opening the equipment compartment or lifting and stowing the spa cover while the pool’s in use.

4. Safe flooring and ventilation:

Especially when installing your spa pool indoors, you’ll need to ensure the flooring or decking around your spa pool provides a good grip when wet. 

This is to protect you and your family and friends from dangerous slips getting in or out of the spa pool. 

Ventilation is also important in an indoor installation to prevent water damage to your home. 

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Which part of your body do you want the jets to target?

One of the best things about spa pools is the gentle massage of the jets. Otherwise known as hydromassage, this is a great way to improve blood flow to areas of your body in times of recovery or at least keep your muscles warm and moving.

If hydrotherapy and massage are important to you, you’ll want to consider which parts of the body a given spa can target with its jets. 

Every hot tub is different, so it’s easy to find one with a setup to suit your needs.

Some popular areas of the body for hydromassage are:

  • Neck and shoulders: Look for a spa with jets close to the water line, and ideally with a padded neck rest

Simply recline your head against the rest and adjust the jet pressure to relieve tension and headaches.

  • Back: Many spas that target the neck & shoulders will also address back pain, with lines of jets descending from the water line to massage your back.
  • Hands: Underwater armrests may feature jets to gently massage your wrists and hands.
  • Feet: Some hot tubs may feature a central dome covered in jets, ideal for resting your feet on and letting the jets take your stress away.
  • Full body massage: Look for a spa pool with full body recliners and plenty of jets to enjoy full body massage.

These recliners are also best for addressing hip, thigh and buttock pain.

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3 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Spa For You:


1. What size spa pool do you want?

When it comes to spa pools, size does matter! The pool’s size will affect a lot of your other considerations. A larger pool will cost more and require more space, but a smaller one might not have the number of jets or fit as many people as you’d like.

Consider both the physical dimensions of the spa pool (height, width and depth) and the number of people it can fit

At mySpa, our hot tubs range from the economically sized mySpace, which can fit two adults and features a triangular shape to fit into the smallest of sections, to the indulgent myTeam. 

Seating 10 adults and boasting up to 107 jets, the myTeam is your best option for extravagant entertaining. 



2. How frequently will you use it?

Spa pools are designed to be used daily, so the frequency of use only really matters for return on investment. 

If you’re planning to use your hot tub plenty, there’s a good argument for splashing out for all the features you want. 

Frequent use may also affect how often you need to change the water

We recommend changing your spa pool water every 4-6 months, assuming you use your pool 2-3 times a week. If you’re using it daily, you might need to change the water every 3 months. 

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3. Can you test a spa before purchasing?

If you can take a car for a test drive, why not take a spa for a test dip? At mySpa Sydney, we have a private area with a change room and shower to allow you to test our hot tubs. It’s a great idea to test a spa before you buy, so you can be sure it’s got what you need to truly relax at home.

To book a dip, get in touch with mySpa Sydney online or drop us a line at (02) 8850 6550.