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How to Drain a Swim Spa

Draining a swim spa can seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually very easy. It’s important you understand why and how to drain your swim spa, so that you can stay on top of maintenance and keep your spa in tip-top shape.

To make it easy for you, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about how to drain a swim spa. 

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Here’s what this guide covers,


How to drain a swim spa

To drain a Sapphire Spas swim spa from mySpa Sydney, simply follow the easy steps below.

1. Switch off the power to your swim spa and disconnect your external power source, as you don’t want the electronics running with no water in the pool. 

2. Locate the drainage hose within the cabinet of your swim spa.

a. You’ll need to use the provided allen key to open the cabinet door. You want to remove the panel closest to the touchpad.
b. The drainage hose will usually be to the right of the panel.

3. Position the drainage hose into your intended discharge point.

a. Drain your swim spa into the sewer system if possible. Never drain your spa water into the stormwater system.
b. You can also drain your swim spa onto your lawn or garden. If you wish to do so, let the water cool and avoid putting chemicals in the spa for several days before draining.
c. If the supplied drainage hose isn’t long enough to reach your intended discharge point, PVC fitting is available to connect the hose to your standard garden hose.

4. Turn the gate valve into the open position to release the water. Gravity will drain the water from your spa over the course of several hours. (If draining onto a lawn or garden, move the hose around every so often to avoid flooding one area)

a. Once the spa has drained to your requirements, close the gate valve and stow the hose loosely coiled within the spa cabinet. Replace the cabinet panel/door.

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What to do after draining your swim spa

With the spa drained, it’s a good idea to thoroughly clean the inside using a swim spa shell cleaning product and a cloth. The cleaner should be rinsed with a hose, and then wiped down again to ensure no cleaning product remains on the shell before you refill the spa.

This is also a good time to clean or replace your swim spa filters. For more information on swim spa filter maintenance, read our blog post How to change spa filters

Once you’re satisfied with its cleanliness, you can refill your swim spa using your garden hose. 

Let it fill, then reconnect your power source and turn the swim spa back on to begin circulating the water. 

Check the pH level of your water, and add any required swim spa chemicals.

Keep the swim spa covered for 24 hours, then balance the chemistry again. Repeat the process every 4 - 6 months or after heavy usage. 

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Why should you drain your swim spa?

Draining your swim spa is an important part of your regular spa maintenance. If you don’t drain a swim spa, it can become improperly balanced, which leads to calcification (build-up of hard calcium scale).

Even with filters, pumps, spa chemicals and vacuuming, a swim spa can collect bacteria and other minerals that build up and damage the internal workings of the spa. 

Draining your spa allows you to clean the spa shell, remove and refresh old water, and keep contaminants at a safe level.

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How often should a swim spa be drained?

Sapphire Spas recommend draining one-third of your spa water every 3 months and refreshing it with new water. 

In addition, you should complete a full drain of your swim spa every 6-12 months. The exact frequency depends on which sanitisation system your spa is equipped with, and how often the swim spa is used.

You can get a spa water testing kit from mySpa Sydney, which will tell you when it’s time to drain the water based on the total number of dissolved solids in the water.


How long does it take to drain a swim spa?

Swim spas are generally much larger than a regular spa pool, so they tend to take a little longer to drain. You should expect your swim spa to drain over the space of a few hours, depending on its size. If you’re in a rush, use a submersible pump.

Investing in a submersible pump is worthwhile as it can drain a swim spa in as little as half an hour.


Should I drain my swim spa during winter?

There’s no need to drain your swim spa during the colder months. You may as well use the hot water while it’s there! With that said, if you know you’re not going to use your swim spa for months, it’s a good idea to drain it completely.

After you have drained the spa, clean it, and then switch the power off so it doesn’t develop scale, unhealthy bacteria, or wasted power while you’re away.

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Can I drain my swim spa on my lawn?

If you’d like to use the water from your swim spa to water your lawn or garden, let the water cool completely before draining, and avoid adding chemicals for several days. You won’t be able to use your swim spa for about a week while the chemicals dissipate.

Hot water is not great for vegetation, and spa chemicals are even worse - so make sure you don’t drain hot, chlorine-filled water onto your lawn!


What are some signs my swim spa needs to be drained?

If you don’t have a water testing kit, you might notice something off about your swim spa that indicates it’s time to drain it. Signs your swim spa needs to be drained include:

  • The spa is running especially foamy, and antifoam chemicals aren’t helping.
  • You notice the water feels film-like or slimy. 
  • The water is starting to look discoloured or less clear. 
  • You notice a strange smell coming from your swim spa.

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What tools are required to drain a swim spa?

Everything you need for draining is included with your Sapphire Spas swim spa from mySpaSydney, including:

  • An allen key, to open the spa cabinetry.
  • A drainage hose with a gate valve.

It’s that simple!

You might also need some of the following, depending on where your swim spa is positioned and why you’re draining it:

  • A garden hose with PVC attachments to connect to the drainage hose.
  • Swim spa shell cleaning products.
  • A non-abrasive cloth.
  • Filter cartridge cleaner, if your filters need soaking.
  • A pH metre and water calcium test, to measure water balance and solids.
  • Spa chemicals, to keep new water clean.

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