Plunge Pools Range

Plunge pools are an ideal alternative to your typical backyard swimming pool, but even better because you can use it year-round!  Sapphire Spa's economical heating systems, in addition to the smaller body of water in a plunge pool, means you can easily keep your plunge pool warm all winter, then cool it down for the summer months.

Sapphire also like to add a couple of swim jets at the deeper end so you can use this for low-impact exercise, or great fun for the kids to play in the jet stream! The wide, shallow steps at the other end of the M5watersedge is ideal for toddlers to splash around in. It's a great family option. 

Sapphire's plunge pools are completely factory built here in Australia, so they can be installed in 1 day once your site has been prepared. The mySpa Sydney team can help prepare your site and offer any landscaping you may need around the pool. If the power to your site is limited, then a plunge pool may be a better option than the swim spas, because they don't require as much power as the 4 swim jet models.

We offer fully inclusive quotes with your chosen plunge pool options, delivery (including crane if required), installation and any landscape design you may need too. Please take a look at our plunge pools below and get in touch if we can assist.

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