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Your Ultimate Guide To Hydrotherapy: 5 Of The Best Hydrotherapy Spa Pools in Australia

Hydrotherapy has fast become a hot word in physical therapy and it's easy to see why. From pain relief to stress-busting and even in the treatment of some illnesses like arthritis, hydrotherapy is an incredibly beneficial form of treatment that Australians are embracing wholeheartedly.

And the best part? You don't have to keep going to a fancy clinic to get this treatment, you can enjoy it right at home with hydrotherapy spa pools installed right on your deck or garden area. To make your decision to invest in a hydrotherapy spa easier, we've outlined everything you need to know, starting from a quick snapshot of what hydrotherapy is, how hydrotherapy jets work and list five of the best hydrotherapy spa pools we recommend from our catalogue.

What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is the process of using water for relaxation, physiotherapy, exercise and rehabilitation. It's also recommended by the Dept. of Health and Aged Care and Arthritis Australia as an effective and comfortable form of exercise for those dealing with arthritis.

Aquatic exercise and physiotherapy in a spa pool with water jets is one of the most popular forms of hydrotherapy treatment, but you can also try the following;

  • Immersion therapy - Have a shower alternating between warm and ice-cold water.
  • Have a sitz bath - This is when you sit in a warm water bath to relieve pain and discomfort in your perineal area.
  • Go to a sauna

What is a hydrotherapy spa, and how does it work?

A hydrotherapy spa pool uses warm water and massaging jets together to provide a therapeutic experience. The water jets help to massage your body, relieving tension and muscle pain and improving circulation. Some spas come with 24 hydrotherapy jets, while models like our myTeam 10-Person Spa come with 109 jets!

How does it work? The hydrotherapy jets spray water into the pool at variable angles and pressures to massage your body. The water temperature remains at a level between 33–36ºC, so you stay toasty and comfortable throughout your massage. You can adjust the angle of the water jets to target specific areas like the shoulders, lower back, lumbar, hands and feet.

Control your hydrotherapy spa from your phone!

All spa pools at mySpa Sydney can be remotely controlled on your phone using the spaLINK app. You can adjust your spa's temperature, jet pumps, lights and other features, making it easier than ever to make the most of your hydrotherapy spa.

And there's more! The spa pools also come with other impressive features, such as variable dynamic thermal tuning and variable heating, allowing you to maintain the perfect water temperature for your hydrotherapy spa while conserving energy- no more wastage!

What is the difference between a hydrotherapy pool and a normal pool?

Unlike regular pools, which are only used for swimming, hydrotherapy pools are specifically designed to provide a relaxing and therapeutic experience. They come with adjustable water jets that can be used to massage your body while you comfortably recline in the warm water.

How do I use hydrotherapy in my spa pool?

It's easy! Here's how to use your mySpa Sydney hydrotherapy spa pool in just X steps.

Step 1: Set temperature.Use the spaLINK app or the iTouch Digital Touch Screen on the spa to set the temperature of your spa between 33–36ºC, the ideal temperature for hydrotherapy.

Step 2: Adjust the jets.Use the app or touchscreen panel to adjust the pressure and angle of the hydrotherapy jets. Our spa pools start with 24 jets and go up to 109 jets, depending on your model.

Step 3: Enter and relax!As you submerge into the water, you'll begin to feel weightless, which helps to reduce strain on your body. This relief also comes as a result of the spa hydrotherapy jets. In addition to providing a soothing massage, the jets can relax your body and relieve tension.

Step 4: Workout with hydrotherapy exercisesIf you're up for more than a soak, try doing some hydrotherapy exercises. The extra room in a swim spa is perfect for aquatic exercise. Unlike water aerobics, hydrotherapy movements are typically slow and controlled, designed to aid a steady recovery.

7 Hydrotherapy exercises to try in your spa pool or swim spa

  1. Heel raises: In a standing position, raise from your heels onto your toes. If you struggle to keep your balance, hold on to the side of the spa.
  2. Handclaps: It may sound overly simple, but clapping your hands while underwater will target your chest, biceps, shoulders, and triceps.
  3. Shoulder rolls: Roll your shoulders back and forward. Try to be as relaxed as possible.
  4. Core work: Sitting facing the middle of your spa, bring your knees to your chest and then extend your legs. Be sure to keep your back straight when doing so.
  5. Feet kicks: While sitting, rotate your legs, extending and bending, similar to a pedalling motion.
  6. Squats: Squat down as though you're about to sit. Before your bum reaches the seat, hold it for three seconds before standing back up.
  7. Stretches: Whether you do simple quadricep stretches or ankle circles, your spa is the perfect spot to stretch out your body. Not only will your muscles be relaxed, but the water's buoyancy reduces the risk of injury.

When doing these exercises, perform the move 10 times to complete one set. Three sets are recommended to receive the full benefits, but as always, consult your doctor or physiotherapist first.

Make sure to first consult your doctor or physician before trying out hydrotherapy, especially if you suffer from any of the following:

  • Stomach virus.
  • Severe breathing difficulties.
  • Raised temperature.
  • Open skin wound.
  • Skin infection.

What are the benefits of a hydrotherapy spa pool?

Hydrotherapy can offer a range of benefits. Many people have claimed to experience positive effects such as: Strengthening weak muscles.

  • Reducing muscle tension.
  • Offering pain relief.
  • Increasing circulation.
  • Improving balance and coordination.
  • Boosting your immune system.
  • Relieving stress

And on top of the above, Arthritis Australia says that hydrotherapy is "an excellent way for people with arthritis to build strength, ease stiff joints and relax sore muscles". This is because the water's buoyancy takes the weight off painful joints, making it more comfortable than regular exercise.

5 of the best hydrotherapy spas and pools in Sydney

Now that you know the basics of hydrotherapy, check out five of our favourite hydrotherapy spa pools. Click here to see the entire collection of spas and swim spas.

mySpace 2-person Hydrotherapy spa

  • SQR jets: 24
  • Foot massage: Yes
  • Hydrojet boost pump: 2 speed/high
  • Special features: a waterfall!

If space is an issue, this 2-person hydrotherapy spa is your best option. Our best compact spa, mySpace, is perfect for balconies, alfresco areas, or tight backyard corners.

Don't be deceived by the size and depth of this spa- there's enough space to seat 2 adults comfortably, and there is a generous footwell, providing the kind of legroom you'll find in bigger models. The mySpace also comes with a waterfall feature.

myPartner 3 person Hydrotherapy spa

myPartner 3 person spa

  • SQR jets: 40 in the standard model | 52 in the premium
  • Neck and shoulder massage: Yes, in the premium model
  • Foot massage: Yes
  • Hydrojet boost pump: 1 in the standard model | V80 + 1 in the premium
  • Special features: complete hydrotherapy package within a compact spa

The myPartner 3 person hydrotherapy spa is our flagship compact spa. It is our smallest spa with a complete hydrotherapy package and is compact enough to fit most areas, like balconies, alfresco areas, courtyards or small backyards.

There’s plenty of space for three adults, and the undercut footwell design provides the kind of legroom you'd usually find in bigger models.

myHotTub 6 Person Spa

myHotTub 6 person spa

  • SQR jets: 48
  • Foot massage: Yes
  • Hydrojet boost pump: 1
  • Special feature: a waterfall

The myHotTub 6-person spa is popular for its unique round shape and the uninterrupted seating for all your friends! This portable, compact spa has an impressive 48-jet system that's evenly distributed all around to ensure every user gets massaged simultaneously.

myRecovery 7-person spa

myRecover 7-person spa

  • SQR jets: 43 in the standard model | 64 in the premium model
  • Neck and shoulder massage: Yes, in the premium model
  • Foot massage: Yes
  • Hydrojet boost pump: 1 in the standard model | 2 in the premium model
  • Special feature: 3 separate pumps and 2 powerful hydro jet boost pumps to deliver hydrotherapy without interruption.

We classify our myRecovery 7 person spa as our therapeutic spa; it's designed to alleviate aches and stiffness in your back, neck and shoulders through massage and movement. Surprisingly, the healing process responds faster with massage than with rest, so this spa is ideal for healing and recovery.

myTeam 10 Person Spa

myTeam 10-person spa

  • SQR jets: 73 in the classic model | 85 in the premium model | 109 in the extreme model
  • Swim jets: 22 in the premium and extreme models
  • Neck and shoulder massage: Optional for the classic model | Yes, in the premium and extreme models
  • Hydrojet boost pump: 2 in the classic model | 3 in the premium model | 4 in the extreme model
  • Special feature: ultimate hydrotherapy spa with up to 109 jets

With comfort, size and design in mind, the myTeam 10 persona hydrotherapy spa will impress you with its spaciousness, high level of comfort, plus a variety of seating to suit everyone.

Two fully optioned 'his and hers' seats allow couples to enjoy simultaneous hydrotherapy, while the opposite hydro loungers support your body's every contour during your full body massage.

This spa's powerful pumps deliver an incredible volume of water, capable of soothing all your aches and pains and leaving all your problems behind.

Final thoughts on Hydrotherapy and Spa Pools

Here are a couple of key points to remember,

We hope you found this guide helpful and that it has inspired you to consider adding a hydrotherapy spa pool to your home. Explore all our hydrotherapy spa pools online, or call 02 8850 6550 now to book a dip at our showroom in Hudson Ave, Castle Hill.