POWERsmart, energy efficient, cutting-edge integrated heat pump interface : there is no doubt our SV series spa controls are the ultimate in controller technology. Every feature on our simple spaside touchpad control systems has been designed to maximise energy savings and deliver the lowest possible daily operating cost for your spa. Feature packed, simple to use and coupled with a host of desirable lifestyle options there is no better choice to power your spa 

SV Series

Variable Heater

Utilising the latest in smart technology every SV Series spa control features a true variable heater which automatically adjusts it output power level (kW) to utilise any residual power when accessory jet pumps are running. This eliminates the traditional need to loadshed and turn heater off when pumps engage, ensuring maximum heat input whilst spa is in use.

Dynamic Thermal Tuning

Every spa is manufactured differently and is installed in varying environments and locations. As a result, each spa has unique thermal and heat retention properties. SV Series spa controls will actively monitor your spa and learn how often, at what times, and by how much your spa loses temperature so that it can adapt and tune the heating cycles to match the thermal performance of you spa pool in its environment, day to day, season to season to eliminate unnecessary on/off cycling of the filtration pump and heater.

This feature results in substantial energy savings whilst maintaining the spa water to your desired set temperature.

Dynamic thermal tuning also reduces the unnecessary wear of filtration pumps and relays by minimising the number of times per day these devices are switched on and off to regulate the water temperature.

spaLink Remote Control

The SMARTlink WiFi module and spaLINK app allow you to connect to and take control of your spa remotely from any location at any time. The SMARTlink module connects to any model SV controller and then uses your home WiFi network to facilitate communication between the app server and the spa. The spaLINK app becomes a mobile, wireless remote for your spa enabling complete control of all settings and accessories including pumps, blowers and LED lights

iTouch Digital Touch Screen

The innovative iTouch touch panel advances spa pool operation into the touch screen era. Stunning 4.3″ full colour display is crisp, clear and easy to read and resistive touch panel allows unhampered operation with wet fingers. The iTouch is very simple to use, replicating smart phone style icons and menu operation. Settings have never been easier to adjust and scrolling activity status advises the user what the spa is doing at all times.

SmartFLO Pumps

Sapphire Spas are committed to staying Clean & Green

Our innovative SMARTflo pump range is built by spanet from the highest quality components ensuring longevity and exceptional performance. These pumps have been specifically engineered to create optimal flow rates at the back pressures found on Sapphire’s premium jetted spa pools. The high efficiency SMARTflo wet end technology generates increased water flow without consuming additional power. Mechanical carbon/ceramic seals with viton elastimors that provide greater heat and chemical resistance and longer life span. These are the preferred pump choice for premium spa manufacturers.