3-Person Spa Pools

A 3-person spa pool is a small-sized spa pool that is packed with functionality and features in an economical range. It is an excellent addition to any home, providing a relaxing and therapeutic experience. The 3-person spa pool range features powerful jets for massage and filtration, hydrotherapy, lighting and waterfall feature. Australian-made 3-person portable spas are perfect for couples, parties, small families, or anyone who wants to enjoy in a spa pool without taking up too much space. Enjoy relaxation in luxury with 3-person outdoor spa pool in your backyard or small balconies and alfresco areas, making it easy to soak in anytime.  

Nearly every feature found in larger spas is almost entirely available in 3-person spas, but at a far lower price. In addition to getting a feature-rich spa from mySpa Sydney at a lesser cost, choosing a compact spa also saves you money on ongoing expenses like power and maintenance.

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