Frequently Asked Questions

What things should I consider before buying a spa?

The position of your spa is your first consideration. You can then decide on what size spa would be suitable for your needs and budget. We can help you with this, book an appointment to discuss your requirements and we can recommend the best option for you. Visit your local mySpa store to sample and see the wide range of spas that we have to offer.

Do spas have therapeutic benefits?

Absolutely! Regular Hydrotherapy treatments will help your body to relax and unwind. The massage provided by Sapphire Spa’s powerful hydrotherapy jets assists in improved circulation, muscle recovery and is a natural way to enhance the body’s natural healing processes. Read more about this on our Hydrotherapy page.

Does my spa need to be hardwired?

This depends on the spa model. Hardwiring is required if the power drawn is above 15 amps. Consult your local Sapphire Spas Dealer for further information.

Do I require a pool fence around my outdoor spa?

Even though your spa comes with a lockable HeatsaverHardcover, you will need to check with your local council authority as all states of Australia have different regulations.

Can I put my spa pool indoors?

For indoor spa installation, ensure that you have sufficient drainage around your spa, flooring materials must provide good grip when wet and adequate ventilation must be allowed for.

How much space do I need around my spa?

Your spa equipment is located behind removable panels which need to have unrestricted access for service purposes. When a spa is installed within a deck, access beneath the deck is advised. We recommend that, where possible, attempt to install your spa so that it can be moved or lifted from the ground. At least 1/2 metre clearance around all sides of your spa is the ideal access distance.

Can I put my spa pool on timber decking?

Sapphire Spas recommend that you consult a structural engineer to ensure that your decking is capable of safely and adequately supporting the full weight of your spa when in use. Should you wish to surround your spa by deck, we suggest that you install it on a concrete slab (as above) then build the deck to surround your spa.

Do I have to put my spa pool on a concrete slab?

Do not put your spa on any soft surface such as grass, sand, pebble or dirt as this may place undue stress on your spa, causing it to distort and/or crack. Damage caused by an inadequate foundation will void the warranty on your spa. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure correct installation of the spa. Whether choosing a concrete slab or timber decking to support your spa pool, Sapphire Spas strongly recommend the use of a licensed contractor.

Your concrete slab should...

A reinforced concrete slab of at least 150mm (6”) thick is a suitable foundation for your spa. You must ensure this base is an even, level surface free from cracks or hollows, piering. It’s preferrable for the slab to extend at least 100mm outside the spa dimensions for stability.

What do I need to organise before my spa is delivered?

Prior to the arrival of your new spa, please ensure clear access is available from the delivery truck to the selected location for your spa. Your spa will usually arrive on a small truck or trailer (consult your dealer for details of space required to maneouver and park). The driver will make every effort to get as close to the site as possible to unload your spa. You will need to be on hand for the delivery and ensure you provide enough manpower to maneouver the spa onto site. Consult your dealer in relation to assistance such as trolleys. Check the dimensions of your spa in the table on the previous page. Your spa may be tilted onto it’s side to fit through a smaller pathway, but you need to then allow for the increased height of the spa and any trolley being used.

Please consider these possible restrictions which may apply to your selected delivery route:

  • the width of all doorways, gates and pathways
  • the height of low trees, roof eaves, guttering or telephone lines
  • tight bends to be negotiated, ex. 90o turn (take measurements)
  • obstruction from protruding fixed objects, ex. meter boxes, a/c units, hot water services, water/gas meters
  • you may have to cut or tie back shrubs or trees, move dog kennels, bbq’s, planter boxes or wood piles
  • severe slopes along the route which may cause trouble

My spa has just been delivered, what now?

Unwrap your new spa carefully without using sharp implements and thoroughly inspect it for any damage (consult your dealer immediately, before you locate your spa, if transit damage is apparent).

How do I fill my spa?

Your engineered Sapphire Spa has been thoroughly factory tested during the manufacturing process to ensure maximum reliability and long term customer satisfaction. Wipe out the small amount of excess water from the spa that may have remained in the plumbing after factory testing. Make sure the spa is clean before you begin to fill with water.

Do not fill the spa with hot water as tripping of the high limit thermostat may occur when you power up the spa. Firstly, remove the side panels on the spa where the engine bay and control equipment are situated. Ensure all barrel unions are tight and shut off valves open.

With the power source switched off, place your garden hose into the spa. Now turn on your tap and wait until water level has reached the ‘fill line’ marked half way up the skimmer box face. This may take quite some time depending on your water pressure.

Once your spa is filled to the correct level, check for leaks in the engine bay (equipment may loosen during transit) and refit the doors. You are now ready to power up your spa.

How do I start up my spa for the first time?

You have complied with all local and statutory requirements, so you can now commence the starting up procedure.

  • Rotate all jets to the ‘on’ position.
  • Ensure filter cartridges are fitted.
  • Turn on the power to the spa.
  • The pump will start on prime mode and purge any air out of the system.
  • Your dealer has supplied you with a start-up chemical kit that will enable you to treat the spa water before usage.
  • Follow the instructions carefully, give the spa an initial dose and then proceed with setting the control system.
  • Sapphire spa pools are fitted with the ComfortControl Deluxe or Standard Control System. Follow the ‘User’s Guide’ supplied with your spa pool to set up the control system to your desired settings (also available in the ‘Downloads’ tab of Customer Care).
  • Ensure all air controls on your spa pool are turned to the ‘off’ position. Failure to turn off the air controls will extend your heat up time dramatically.
  • Place the hardcover on your spa pool to insulate your spa and obtain maximum heat up. Failure to fit your hardcover correctly will extend your heat up time dramatically.
  • Your spa pool will now heat and filter ready for you to enjoy....

Do I add chemicals straight away?

Please contact your Dealer to organise a water purification plan.

How do I adjust the jets?
Simply turn the outer ring of the jet anti-clockwise to fully open jets and clockwise to close.

I’ve turned on the pump but there’s no water coming from my jets?
Ensure all jets are open; jet face needs to be turned anti-clockwise. If the problem persists, ensure there’s no air lock within the pipework.

What should I do if the control panel on the top of the spa shows an error message?
There is no guarantee expressed or implied that this technology can detect all instances of a real or potential problem with the equipment. There may be conditions that exist in which the spa control system will be unable to detect these conditions. Always act responsibly and check the control panel display for errors and verify safe water temperature before using a spa, and before allowing children to use a spa. Refer to User Guide for instructions on your Control Panel or contact mySpa Sydney on (02) 8625 2325

Where can I get spare parts for my spa?

Please contact your local Sapphire Spas Dealer (mySpa Sydney (02) 8625 2325) for advice and supply of spare parts.

When should I replace my spa’s filter cartridges?

Filter cartridges should be replacement every 18-24months and cleaned regularly every fortnight

What is Ozone?

Ozone is active oxygen, O. It occurs naturally in the earth’s atmosphere to protect us from the sun’s harmful rays.

What are some of the uses of Ozone?

Some common uses are: pool and spa water purification, drinking water purification, waste water purification and air freshening.

How long has ozone been used to purify water?

Since the late 1800’s.

How long has ozone been used to purify pool and spa water and odours from the air?

Over 50 years.

How does the ozone used for water purification affect the air we breathe?

The amount of ozone produced by an ozone generator is insignificant to the normal atmosphere we live in. When dissolved in water, ozone is extremely safe. Excess ozone quickly converts back to oxygen. Note: do not breathe concentrated ozone gas.

Is ozone the same as SMOG?

No! smog is air pollution caused by combustion polluters. While smog contains small amounts of ozone, it is largely composed of harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide. In fact, smog and other pollutants may contribute to the damage of the ozone layer.

If I use ozone in my pool or spa, will I help replenish the ozone layer?

No, because ozone reacts so quickly with contaminants in water and air that it converts back to oxygen within minutes or even seconds. Any ozone molecules that break free from the pool or spa water will conver to oxygen and never reach the atmosphere.

Will ozone hurt me?

No! In the quantities necessary to be effective, ozone is very gentle to humans and equipment in water. However, you should never breathe concentrated ozone gas.

Does ozone have an odour?

Yes. Depending on the concentration, the odour ranges from slightly sweet to moderately antiseptic.

Will ozone kill bacteria?

Yes. It is one of the most effective, complete bactericides of all the earth’s measureable elements.

Will ozone kill viruses?

Yes. Ozone kills virtually all known viruses in water and air.

After re-filling the spa, the pump keeps cutting out?

This can be caused by an air lock.

Remedy: Open the cabinet door and slightly loosen the barrel union to the pump, (apply this to whichever pump is not operating if you have a 2 or 3 pump system) this will allow the trapped air to escape.

Turn the spa on, then, when the water starts to come out of the barrel union, tighten it again. This should remove the air lock.

For further assistance, please contact your Dealer.

Sapphire Spas Rock Solid Warranty

10 Years - Spa Shell

Sapphire Spas warrants against water loss due to defects in the spa shell structure for ten years from the original date of purchase.

3 Years - Plumbing

Sapphire Spas warrants factory installed plumbing against water loss due to defects in workmanship and materials for a period of three years from the original date of purchase.

5 Years - Acrylic Surface

Sapphire Spas warrants the interior surface of the spa shell against blistering, cracking or delaminating for five years from the original date of purchase.

3 Years - DuraTek Cabinet

Sapphire Spas warrants your DuraTek cabinet against defects for a period of three years from the original date of purchase. This warranty covers for warping or discolouration.

5 Years - Cedar Cabinet

Sapphire Spas warrants the cabinet against defects for a period of five years from the original date of purchase. The warranty is not extended to the appearance and wear of the product and it’s reaction to the environment.

3 Years - Equipment

Sapphire Spas warrants the spas electrical equipment components, specifically the pump(s), heater, blowers, ozone, LED lighting and control system, against malfunction due to defects in material and workmanship for three years from the original date of purchase.

3 Years - Jets & Fittings

Sapphire Spas warrants all jets and fittings, including air buttons, air controls etc for a period of three years from the original date of purchase. The warranty is limited to replacement only after one year upon the defective part being returned to the company.

2 Years - Hardcover & Headrests

Sapphire Spas warrants all headrests and the hardcover against defects in material or faulty workmanship for a period of two years from the original date of purchase, only if Sapphire Safe Ozone Purification System is fitted.

Misuse or abuse of product will void warranty!

Where can I find my spa’s serial number?

Your spa’s serial number will be recorded on the warranty card.

Who do I call for service?

Your Dealer is the first point of contact for any questions or concerns you may have; you can contact them via phone or send a service request email in the ‘Service’ tab of this ‘Customer Care’ section.

How much maintenance is involved in owning a spa pool?

It is important that you make specific times to give your spa pool the ‘once over’, probably every 3-4months.

The following is a guideline that you might like to follow:

  • Disconnect the power source.
  • Drain all the water from the spa.
  • Remove any dirt or sand that may be in the spa. Inspect the acrylic surface.
  • Treat and stain the cabinet (if required).
  • Clean your hardcover and treat with the recommended product (consult your dealer).
  • Remove and clean your headrests.
  • Remove and clean all jets (refer Jet Maintenance & Removal)

How often should I replace my spa water?

Please check details of water restrictions that may apply at the time of replacing spa water. Drain 1/3 of your spa water and refill about every 3 to 4 months as long as water quality, cleanliness and clarity are being maintained. It is advisable to completely drain your spa pool every 6 to 12 months.

Refer to ‘How do I drain my spa’ within this section for instructions.

What do I need to know about water maintenance?

It is important to have clean, sanitised water. Water balance and maintenance are probably the most important areas of your spa pool that must be monitored regularly. Your dealer will have the best advise and water management program that will achieve perfect water in your spa that best suits your conditions.

Fundamentally there are three areas of water maintenance you need to adhere to:


Filtration is managed by your control system and, once set, will give you the required filtration needed to keep your spa water at optimum cleanliness levels. It is essential that filter cartridges are cleaned regularly (refer Filter Maintenance)


Sanitisation is essential in health and well being of all bathers in your spa. It is your responsibility to regularly monitor and maintain satisfactory levels. The sanitiser will chemically control bacteria and viruses present in the water or those introduced during use of the spa. Se veral sanitisation methods are available. Upon ordering your spa, you will have already chosen a sanitisation method; ozone, Nature2 or conventional sanitisation chemicals. Your dealer has advised you of the most suitable santisation method.

Chemical Balance

Chemical Balance and pH control is essential for the overall balance of your water. Correct balance determines the effectiveness of your sanitiser to work at its maximum efficiency, minimises scale build up and corrosion of metals, and extends the general life of your spa. Regular testing and dosing is essential and it is advisable to get your water analysed through your Sapphire Spas dealer periodically


How do I drain my spa?

Depending on bather usage and the type of sanitising system used, your Sapphire spa needs to be drained regularly every two to four months. This is necessary because the amount of total dissolved solids becomes excessive, making it difficult to maintain balance of the water and sanitiser effectiveness is hampered.

You only need to drain off approximately 1/3 of your water to refresh your system and maintain good, clean water again. It is advisable to completely drain your spa pool every 6 to 12 months.

Draining through the drain valve
  1. Locate the drain/refill valve towards the base of your spa cabinet and pull cap out from the housing approximately 2” until it snaps into place.
  2. Remove the cap by unthreading counter-clockwise to reveal the threaded connection.
  3. Fit the hose adaptor supplied to the threaded connection of the spa drain and snap your garden hose to this.
  4. Pull to extend the threaded connector and allow reasonable flow through the valve to empty the spa. The spa water will drain out through gravity feed only, so this may take several hours. Ensure you run the water to an approved discharge area. It is advisable if you wish to discharge water on the garden or grass, that you do not treat the spa for several days beforehand so chemical build-up will not harm the area. Once the spa is emptied, push the threaded sections back together to seal the drain/refill valve. After a total drain use a towel or sponge to remove any excess water that may remain.

How do I clean the spa surface?

Acrylic is very easy to clean and generally stains and dirt won’t adhere to the surface, however you may wish to wipe down the acrylic surface with a soft, damp cloth/sponge and a non-abrasive cleaner (ex. methylated spirits) after use or during your normal maintenance program. For more stubborn marks, your should consult your Sapphire Spas dealer for advice on the recommended acrylic surface cleaner.

You may also experience surface scratches. The usual method of removal is to apply 1200 wet/dry sandpaper lightly rubbing out the scratch in a circular motion and then polishing the acrylic surface with Brasso, car polish or similar product. It is strongly recommended however, to consult your Sapphire Spas dealer before attempting this method.

Do not expose acrylic shell to direct sunlight for any prolonged period as this may have a detrimental effect on the surface and possibly void warranty. Avoid allowing dirt and sand, caused by bathers entering the spa, simply by placing a mat or footbath in the entry areas of the spa. This will assist in the easier maintenance of the acrylic surface.

How do I clean the headrests?

In your regular maintenance program it is suggested that you remove the headrests to clean behind them when you drain the spa. Thoroughly clean the headrests with a damp cloth or sponge. The headrests are covered by a warranty of two years exclusive only to Sapphire Spas. With care and good chemical balance, your headrests will last many years

How do I maintain my cedar cabinet?

Your portable spa pool is engineered and designed with the highest grade 20mm western red cedar available, and has been treated with a premium grade mould resistant stain. Regular treatment of the cabinet will enhance the natural look of the cedar and ensure that your spa will always look the centre piece in its location for many years to come.

To treat your spa cabinet, you will need to lightly sand the timber, then apply a good even coat of stain. If necessary, allow first coat to dry and apply a second coat. Small marks and scratches can be treated in the same way.

The life of your timber cabinet will depend on how you wish to maintain it. Harsher conditions will determine how often you require treatment of the timber.

If you notice that the cedar is turning a grey colour or has lost its richness in colour, you may need to give the cabinet a treatment. A treatment may be required after 6 months of usage and then periodically every 12 months to follow should be sufficient.

Consult your dealer for the ideal product to stain and protect your cabinet.

How do I look after my hardcover?

Ensure your cover is locked down when the spa is unattended. Refer to hardcover manufacturer’s instructions for correct fitting of cover. Check that all the cover’s locks are undone before lifting the cover.

Leave your cover off for at least one hour after adding chemicals to your spa.

Take care with sharp objects & rough surfaces when removing or storing your cover. Use of a Hardcover Lifter will protect your spa cover. The hydraulic arms allow the cover to gently slide into the lifter, and it’s stainless steel marine grade construction is manufactured to suit the great outdoors.

Maintaining your hardcover should be part of your regular maintenance program. Dirt acts as an abrasive to the vinyl and can also cause wear to the folds, seams and stitiching. Mildew on damp, dirty vinyl will begin growing in the fabric, accelerating failure. Wash your cover regularly with mild detergent & rinse well with clean water (refer Hardcover Care Instructions).

NOTE: Never use laundry detergent, abrasives, alcohol based product, dish soaps or harsh household cleaners. These can actually remove some of the topcoat and cause premature vinyl failure.

A small amount of spray lubricant (consult your dealer) on the zip sliders from time to time will ensure zips operate properly for many years. In the manufacture of your hardcover, it is sealed with a special top coat which holds in compounds and softening agents to keep the vinyl supple. To keep your spa cover in top condition, a vinyl protectant is recommended (such as 303 Aerospace - consult your dealer). Do not use a petroleum based protectant (Armor All is not recommended).

Do not allow children or pets to walk or jump on the hardcover.

Do not lift or pull your cover by its straps, flaps, skirts or heat seals.

Foam core should be turned over at least once every six months.

All vinyl, even the high grade type used on Sapphire Spas, is UV Sensitive which can degrade when exposed to sunlight or mildew.

How do I maintain spa chemistry?

The pH affects the chlorine level and alkalinity affects the pH. Therefore it is important to adjust the total alkalinity first, then the pH and then the chlorine level, in that order. Regularly checking the chemistry of your spa water is an important component of a sound spa care program. Other ways of managing your water are available, but we are going to cover this method in depth, as it is the best way to keep your spa water clean, clear and safe while minimizing the chemical levels in your water.

Again, the 3 most important things to check and adjust in this order are:

  • - Total alkalinity
  • - pH level
  • - Chlorine residual

Maintaining proper levels of these key items will make your spa’s water clear, comfortable and safe, and will help protect the spa’s shell surface and equipment.

Weekly Care

Test the alkalinity, pH, and chlorine residual to ensure proper levels. If you are using your spa very frequently, you may have to test your spa more often to keep the measurements at the recommended levels. Remember, alkalinity should be 125-150ppm; pH should be 7.2 - 7.6; and chlorine residual should be 1-3ppm. You will start to get a feel for what to add and how much during the few months of owning a spa, and soon this procedure will be second nature for you.

If foaming occurs, don’t be alarmed. Foaming usually occurs from soap residue in bathing suits or hair and can be easily removed. Use the recommended dosage of Anti-Foam, which breaks the soap bubbles and eliminates the foam on contact.

Fortnightly Care

You should also clean your filters at least on a fortnightly basis. See the filter cleaning instructions for more information. Also consult your owner’s manual to make sure your spa control has the filter replacement times set correctly. Then your spa will remind you when it’s time to clean or rinse your filters.

Monthly Care

You’ll want to test the calcium hardness of your spa’s water on a monthly basis. The ideal level of calcium hardness is 100 to 200 parts per million or ppm. The only way to reduce the concentration of calcium is to dilute it with water or empty your spa and refill it with new water. Calcium levels build up over time and can damage equipment in your spa. If you are over the 200 ppm mark, it’s probably time to change your water. You should also clean your filters (and inner filter screens) on a regular basis. See the filter cleaning instructions for more information. Also consult your owner’s manual to make sure your spa control has the filter replacement times set correctly. Then your spa will remind you when it’s time to clean or rinse your filters.

Every 4-6 Months

Every 4 to 6 months, you’ll want to completely drain and refill your spa according to the refill section of your Water Care Guide. You can also clean and polish your spa’s shell during this process. This may need to be done more or less often, depending on other factors, such as your level of use. See your Owner’s Manual or contact your authorized Sapphire Spas dealer for more details.

What Else You Should Know

Depending on your spa model, you probably have an ozone generator. The great part about ozone is that it is another non-chemical way to reduce the use of chemical sanitizers in your spa. We recommend that your Dealer test your ozone generator after a period of 2 years to ensure maximum effect.

How often should I clean my filter cartridges and what’s the best way to do this?

Your spa filter system is crucial for the overall quality of the spa water. Dirty, worn out filters will fail in their job of trapping spa contaminants and will put undue strain on the spas pump motor, possibly shortening the life of the equipment.

Spa filter cartridges are made of a polyester micro-pore pleated filter media, designed to trap small contaminants suspended in the water. Sapphire Spas filters are a genuine 100sqft (2x50sqft cartridges) of filter media, designed to give the maximum area for collection of particulate matter from the water.

It is recommended that you clean your spa filter cartridges every two weeks (more often when bather load is heavy).

First, open the filter door (diagram i.) by pushing in inwards. Placing two hands on the filter faceplate, evenly slide it upwards until you can freely remove it (diagram ii.). Next, you need to slide out the cartridge cover (diagram iii.) and locate the 2 x filter cartridges in the base of the filter box (diagram iv.). Remove the two cartridges in turn (diagram v. & vi.) then clean as described below.

Use a garden hose and apply the water stream at a 45 degree downward angle. Ensure all debris and foreign matter is dislodged by spraying in between each pleat in the filters.

At least every 3 to 4 months and with EVERY water change, your cartridge filters should be pre-rinsed with the garden hose and then, following instructions, be soaked overnight in a commercial cleaning agent. You MUST consult your Sapphire Spas dealer for instructions on soaking overnight. Once clean, replace the filters, one at a time, then replace the cartridge cover. Finally, you need to replace the filter faceplate by sliding it back onto the front of the filter box. You must let the filter door fall back open into the filter box as you’re replacing the faceplate.

It is recommended that you have a spare set of filters available, when you are soaking the used filters, so you will never have to wait to use your spa and the filters will last longer. If you are using a filter rotation system, allow filters to dry, ready for immediate swap over next maintenance program. It is recommended that your filter cartridges be replaced every 18-24 months.

  • Don’t use laundry detergents or household cleaners to soak your filters as they may cause a major foaming problem.
  • Don’t use a power-washer or dishwasher to clean cartridge filters as the high water pressure will damage the filter media.
  • Don’t use a muriatic acid for acid soaking/washing of filters as acid reduces filter life and is dangerous to use.

Do I have to clean the jets?

To keep your jets performing at the optimum level, it is recommended that you periodically remove them to inspect and clean. A build-up of dirt and sand at the back of the jets will have a detrimental effect on their performance and life. Simply by turning your jets firmly to the left, you can remove the jet assembly from the housing. Gently tap the jets on a hard surface to loosen any debris and soak in a bucket of warm water. Refit jets to the body housing.

What do I do if my light doesn’t work?

Contact a dealer to organise replacement - mySpa Sydney on (02) 8625 2325)