How to protect your spa cover during summer

Sunshine and heat are something we all look forward to throughout the year. It means longer days and more time to spend outside doing all the things you love. Having a relaxing dip in your spa could be one of them. Just like you protect your skin from the rays of the sun by using sunscreen, you need to protect your spa cover during summer too. At mySpa Sydney, we specialise in outdoor spas so here are a few tips on how to protect your spa cover during summer. 

Cleaning and conditioning your spa cover during summer

It’s no secret that spa covers that aren’t cleaned or looked after correctly will start fading, become dry and crack over time. If you’re using any products to do the cleaning, check whether they are right for your spa. For example, if you have a vinyl spa cover it will require a gentle cleaner like leather. To protect your spa cover from deteriorating you’ll need to regularly clean it. Try not to use any products that contain bleach or are detergent-based. Any oil-based products also cause harm to your spa cover as they amplify sun rays which is the opposite of what you need to protect your spa cover.

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Use “303” to protect your spa cover during summer 

The best way to protect your spa cover during summer is to purchase a high quality non-alcohol spa cover protection. At mySpa Sydney, we recommend the 303 Spa Cover Vinyl Protectant Spray. This is the world's highest-rated UV screening product. You can use it to prevent fading and cracking of spa covers. It’s environmentally friendly, nongreasy, helps store colour, repels staining, and provides 100% prevention from UV rays. This is a multi-purpose non oily cleaner that can be used on most surfaces. Therefore, it’s perfect for a range of things such as plastic furniture, pool inflatables, boat seating, and most importantly spa covers. 

How to use “303” to protect your spa cover 

Using 303 is easy. Start by spraying and wetting the surface of the spa cover with 303. Next, wipe it completely dry. You can turn the cloth over to a dry area or use a second clean, dry, absorbent cloth. Make sure to remove any and all excess on the spa cover. That’s it! All done. These quick and easy steps will get your spa cover looking new and protected from UV rays and stains. To get the best results and protection, apply 303 every three to five weeks for maximum UV protection. Check with our staff in-store or get in touch with us online for more information on how to use or purchase 303 for your spa cover. 

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Extending the life of your spa cover

Use a cover lift

An easy way to protect your spa cover during summer from UV rays is to use a cover lift. This is a must-have accessory for your spa pool. A cover lift significantly increases the cover life as it protects the spa cover. It also makes it easier for you to open and close your spa as there’s no heavy lifting required from you. A cover lift improves your overall user experience. At mySpa Sydney, we have the perfect cover lift for you, grab yours today.

Check under the hot tub cover

When thinking about how to protect your spa cover during summer you also need to think about what’s under the spa cover. The space underneath the cover is the space that’s not in the water and not in contact with fresh air. This can cause a slight odor which can also sometimes lead to mould. You can avoid this by using a mild chlorine solution spray on the underside of the cover. This is something that’s often forgotten about. By being aware of it you can keep your spa cover protected for longer especially during summer. 

Balance the water

By ensuring your water chemistry is balanced you’ll protect your cover from puffiness, stitching disintegration and discolouration. Imbalanced water is a major contributor to spa cover damage. You can check the chemistry of the water by using a spa test strip or test kit. Make sure to also clean your spa filters regularly to avoid any potential blockages that can lead to dirty water. For more tips, check out our post on How to Keep Your Spa Pool Water Cleaner for Longer

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Is it time for a new spa cover?

On average, a spa cover will need to be replaced every five to seven years depending on the level of use. Figuring out whether it’s time to replace your spa cover can be tricky. If your spa cover is sagging in the middle, it’s a clear indicator it’s time for it to be replaced. When excess weight is on the center of the cover the corners will start to lift and lose their seal. This will cause heat and steam to escape meaning you’ll need to add more water leading to a higher bill for you. If your cover is torn or cracked and the vinyl can’t be repaired it might be time for a new spa cover. If the cover has tears it’s impacting the safety of your hot tub as there’s room for dust and unwanted debris to enter. Another sign that it might be time to change your spa cover is if it becomes heavier. You may not realise but this is the result of your cover’s insulating foam core becoming waterlogged. The extra weight can also add strain on the seams and even damage your cover lifter. 

 At mySpa Sydney, we’re here for all your spa related needs. If you have any questions on how to protect your spa cover during summer, or you want to buy a spa cover or cover lift don't hesitate to get in touch. You can visit our site, see us in-store at Unit 4-10, Hudson Ave in Castle Hill Sydney, or call us on 02 8850 6550.