How to Keep Your Spa Pool Water Cleaner for Longer

No one wants to soak in a spa pool filled with dirty water. In addition to the obvious yuck factor, it can potentially damage your spa, as well as put your health at risk. As a spa owner, it's your responsibility to keep the water clean. While this may seem like an expensive task, it doesn't have to be.

Instead of stressing over a massive water bill, here are our top tips for keeping your spa pool water cleaner for longer.

Choose a spa with a high-quality filtration system

As tempting as it can be to buy a spa with an extremely low price tag, this often means it comes with a low-quality filtration system. When such a vital system hasn't been designed efficiently, it will allow for debris to float back into the water, causing contamination. As a result, you'll be forced to refill the spa's water more frequently than you usually would. With a standard three-person spa holding 750 litres of water, these constant refills will soon start taking a hit to your bank account.

Rather than spending this unnecessary cash, you'll benefit from choosing a spa that has an advanced water purification system. While the initial purchase may be slightly more expensive, it'll ultimately save you money in the long run by keeping your water cleaner for longer. Rather than having to refill your spa continually, you'll only need to do so every three-four months.
At MySpa Sydney, our ClearZone purification system is up to five times more efficient than other conventional UV water treatment methods. With such efficiency, you'll undoubtedly save both time and money on keeping your spa pool water clean.
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Regularly clean your spa filters

Making sure to clean your spa filters regularly is another necessary step to keeping your water cleaner for longer. The purpose of these silent but crucial features is to trap unwanted debris. Therefore, if they become blocked, they'll no longer be able to do their job correctly. If you want to avoid any potential blockages, you'll need to clean your filters every two weeks. To do so, remove the filters and spray it with a garden hose before placing them back in the spa.
In addition to these fortnightly sprays, every three to four months, it's best to soak your filters overnight in a spa-specific cleaning agent. When you do so, make sure to avoid household cleaners, dishwashers, or muriatic acid as this can damage the filters or cause foaming issues in your spa. Instead, it's best to consult your spa dealer to make sure you're cleaning them appropriately.


Use high-quality chemicals to maintain the water chemistry

Another significant component to keeping your spa water clean is maintaining the water chemistry. To do so, you'll need to regularly check the water's chemistry using a spa test strip or test kit. After looking at the results, you'll know how much of each chemical need to be added. Consult your owner's manual for specific details on your spa's water chemistry.
Although buying a supermarket version of the needed chemicals may seem like a cost-saving idea, it'll only do more harm than good. Even though the product may look like it'll do the job, it generally won't be designed to match the functions of a spa pool. Instead of risk damaging your spa as well as your skin, it's best to purchase high-quality chemicals through spa experts and licensed dealers.

Don't forget to cover your spa

Although using a spa cover is a safety requirement, it also helps to prevent dirt, leaves, or dust from entering the water. Therefore, each time the spa's not in use, always remember to keep it covered. If you've invested in a high-quality spa, it's durable cover will also save you money on heating.
At MySpa Sydney, we offer lockable high-density hardcovers, so you don't need to worry about the heat escaping when you're not using it. These useful covers, in combination with our well-insulated shells, will help you save on electricity costs.

Encourage spa users to shower before their soak

Although your spa filters and purification system should remove any debris from the water, its best to minimize the number of unwanted particles entering the spa in the first place. Accordingly, it's suggested that all spa users shower before their soak. By rinsing off before hopping in the spa, there will be a lower chance for any sweat, dirt, or deodorant to negatively affect the water.
If showering beforehand is too big of an ask, try to at least remember to wipe your feet before entering the water or make an effort to wear shoes when walking to the spa.

Remember the jets also need a clean

Similar to us needing a shower after a hard days work, your spa's jets will need a decent clean after frequent use. To avoid dirt build-up, you'll need to clean them every few months. This process involves removing them, tapping on their surface and soaking them in a bucket of hot water.

Angle your jets appropriately

While having adjustable jets gives you the freedom to enjoy that perfect massage, it's best if they're never positioned to spray above water level.
If they were, there'd be a high chance that the water may splash out of the spa. As a result, you'd likely have to refill it more often, which costs money.
We hope that by using our tips, your spa pool water stays cleaner for longer. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to visit our site, see us in-store at Unit 4-10, Hudson Ave in Castle Hill Sydney, or call us on 02 8850 6550.