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Why a Cheap Spa Pool Will Cost You More in the Long Run

Although everyone loves a bargain, don't let a misleading price tag fool you into buying a cheap spa pool. A spa pool is one purchase you should never skimp on. Itll only end up costing you more in the long run. To help you avoid what could be a costly mistake, heres a list of factors you should consider before going for the cheapest option.

Installation costs

A small price tag may mean your spa pool isnt going to come with any pre-wiring. As a result, you could end up paying more than $1,500 to have it installed by an electrician. A cheap spa pool probably wont be using the highest quality electrical equipment either. It may not even be certified! Not only will this end up costing you more in repairs over time, but could be putting yourself, your family, and your home at risk.

Energy costs

Although a cheap spa may look appealing at first, your opinion is likely to take a sudden turn when you receive your first electricity bill.
A poorly-designed spa pool can cost upwards of $180 each month, and thats on top of your current electrical bill! Purchasing a well-designed energy efficient spa that incorporates functions such as eco mode, power-saving mode and sleep mode, is going to go a long way towards keeping your spa affordable to run. A well-designed, energy efficient spa may be more expensive up-front, but a cheaper spa will become more expensive over time.
Cheap spa pools are generally poorly insulated, which means they lose heat quickly. Another reason that they have increased energy costs. In a constant attempt to keep the water warm, your electricity bill will continue to increase. Alternatively, if you decide to invest in a well-insulated spa with a high-density cover, your spa will stay warmer for longer, and you could save around 75% on electricity costs.

Water costs

Cheap spa pools often use low-quality filtration systems. This can sometimes allow trapped debris to float back in and contaminate the spa. As a result, cheaper spas often need to be emptied monthly. With an average three-person spa holding 750 litres of water, this can be a costly exercise.
Instead, you can avoid this regular hassle by choosing a spa with an advanced purification system. Having cleaner water for longer, youll find you only need to refill it approximately every four months. Youll save money on water, and have nicer water to bathe in as well.

Maintenance costs

While all spas may look similar from the outside, the real difference depends on their quality of manufacturing. Ensuring that your spa manufacturer has a quality control process is essential. Low-cost spas are often manufactured in unregulated markets, making it difficult to guarantee a high-quality product. With the higher chance of faults, a cheap spa pool will likely lead to an expensive maintenance routine.
One of the essential elements of your spa is its shell, which is used to contain the water. A cheap spa is usually made with a more fragile plastic shell, prone to cracking. With most low-cost manufacturers not offering replacement parts, this may end up being impossible to repair.
With all these costs adding up, it should be clear why a cheap spa pool will only cost you more in the long run. Instead of encountering all these expensive problems in the future, buying the highest quality spa pool within your budget ensures that you will get the best return on your investment. Itll also allow you to enjoy stress-free relaxation from the start.
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