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8 Creative And Practical Swim Spa Landscaping Ideas For Aussie Backyards

Excited to get a new swim spa but not sure how to make it fit into your outdoor space? No stress, we've got you covered with eight clever and practical swim spa landscaping ideas!

A swim spa is a worthwhile investment because of the countless physical and mental health benefits it provides. Not only are they used for relaxing, but through hydrotherapy and water exercise, they can also help with pain relief and even in the treatment of some illnesses like arthritis. But swim spas are a pricey investment, which is why you want to make sure they are installed properly and seamlessly and beautifully landscaped to your property and outdoor space.

Through this guide, you'll discover eight ways to do just that and also find out a few essentials about swim spa landscaping, including important planning considerations as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

Here's what's covered;


Planning Your Swim Spa Landscaping: 5 Essential Things To Consider

Before diving into the specific backyard swim spa deck ideas, let's discuss a few planning considerations:

#1 Assess your budget and spa size:

mySwimgym 3+ person swim spa myIndulge 5+ person swim spa myLapswim 12-person swim spa


Swim spas come in a range of sizes and price tags. From the budget-friendly mySwimgym 3+ person swim spa to mid-range options like the myIndulge 5+ person swim spa and luxury options like the myLapswim 12-person swim spa, you have plenty of options. So, consider how it fits into your budget as well as the available space in your backyard.

#2 Understand your local regulations:

New South Wales has strict rules and regulations concerning swim spas and pools in terms of registration and fencing. You can learn more about that here in this Complete Guide to Spa Pool Safety in Australia from 2022 to 2023.

#3 Choose the right location:

To help decide, first, figure out why you want a swim spa. Is it for some much-needed relaxation, entertainment or for hydrotherapy and physiotherapy? Then, consider the best place to install your swim spa based on that answer. You'll also want a spot that is easy to access, offers privacy from the neighbours, and has all the necessary utilities like electricity and water.

#4 Consider the climate and environment:

Caption: Come rain or shine, a swim spa umbrella will shield your swim spa.

Sydney's climate can be a bit all over the place, so make sure to install your swim spa in a way that it gets enough sun during the cooler months from June to August and has some shade for the hot summer months from December to February. You can use a swim spa umbrella if you like.

#5 Plan and install your swim spa with the help of professionals:

Caption: mySpa Sydney handles everything from supply to delivery and installation of your swim spa.

The last but most important step in planning your swim spa installation is the actual installation! To save you time, money and stress, we highly recommend you leave this to the professionals who are qualified to install swim spas according to Australian standards and codes.

mySpa Sydney is not just a retailer of Australian-made Sapphire Spas— we’re fully accredited installers and landscapers, too! We’ll handle the whole installation process for you, including:

  • Planning approvals
  • Site preparation and excavation
  • Concrete slab installation prior to delivery
  • Swim spa delivery
  • Crane hire & operation for hard-to-access sites
  • Swim spa installation
  • Plumbing, carpentry and electrical work
  • Decking and steps
  • Structural landscape design as required

Get in touch with us by calling 02 8850 6550 or info@myspasydney.com.au, and we can discuss your swim spa installation and landscaping needs. For more details, check out this Ultimate Guide To Spa and Swim Spa Installation in Sydney.


8 Creative And Practical Swim Spa Landscaping Ideas

Now that we've covered the basics, let's explore eight captivating swim spa landscaping ideas for your backyard.

Swim Spa on a Tiered Deck

Elevate your swim spa experience with a tiered deck that provides different levels of seating and relaxation areas. This design not only adds visual interest but also maximises space, creating zones for sunbathing, lounging, and socialising.

Swim Spa with a Bar

Integrate a bar to your swim spa landscape design for a luxurious and fun experience. You can even purchase outdoor bar stools designed to fit perfectly into the swim spa deck like above.

Go a step further and add this Smart Bar and Spa Caddy to turn your swim spa into the ultimate backyard party hub.

Swim Spa in an Alfresco Setting

Create an alfresco paradise around your swim spa with comfortable outdoor furniture, lush greenery, and string lights for a cosy evening ambience. This setting invites you to relax and dine alfresco while enjoying the soothing waters.

Swim Spa with a View

A myTeam spa pool was installed to accommodate this stunning view of the Currumbin bush.

If you have a stunning natural backdrop, like mountains, ocean or a lake, position your swim spa to take full advantage of the view. Minimalistic landscaping allows the scenery to shine. The combination of nature and water is a treat for the senses.

Swim Spa with Natural Materials

Incorporate natural materials like stone, wood, and pebbles into your landscaping. They add a rustic, earthy feel that complements the natural water environment.

Swim Spa in a Pergola

Shade is essential, especially with Sydney's hot summers. A pergola adds warmth and character to your backyard while also providing a shady spot for leisurely afternoons or evening get-togethers.

Swim Spa in a Purpose-Built Pool Room

For year-round enjoyment, enclose your swim spa in a purpose-built pool room. This offers protection from the elements while allowing you to swim in any weather. It's the ideal solution for those who want to use their swim spa throughout the year for hydrotherapy, water exercise and daily relaxation.

Sunken Swim Spa in a Deck

Create a sunken swim spa area within your deck, offering a seamless transition from the deck to the water. This design is sleek and modern. It provides easy access to the swim spa and is visually appealing.


You Asked We Answered: 4 FAQs On Swim Spa Landscaping

What Do You Put Around a Swim Spa?

You are required to have fencing around your swim spa for safety. You can add other landscaping features like decking, privacy screens, seating, plants, an integrated bar and spa accessories like spa caddies, rails, steps and umbrellas. These elements create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

Can You Build Around a Swim Spa?

Yes, you can build structures around a swim spa, such as decking, pergolas, or gazebos, to make sure you can easily use the spa all year round regardless of rain, snow or bright sun. mySpa Sydney is a fully accredited spa installer and landscaper who can help with the above.

Where Is the Best Place to Put a Swim Spa?

You can install a swim spa in any location in your backyard as long as it offers easy access, privacy, a suitable foundation, and access to power and water supply. mySpa Sydney can help you with deciding a good location by inspecting your backyard and providing advice on the best place to install your swim spa.


Wrap-Up Of Swim Spa Landscaping Ideas

Here are a couple of key points to remember,

  • Investing in a swim spa has many physical and mental health benefits, such as pain relief and improving the treatment of illnesses like arthritis.
  • Before diving into the specific backyard swim spa deck ideas, four essential planning considerations should be made - budget and size, local regulations, choosing the right location, and climate/environment.
  • MySpa Sydney is an accredited installer who can provide delivery, installation, structural landscape design, plumbing work and more.
  • Creative ideas for swim spa landscaping include a swim spa in a tiered deck, a bar integrated into the spa, a swim spa in an alfresco setting, a swim spa with a view, swim spa landscaping with natural materials, a pergola for shade; build a purpose-built swim spa room or create a sunken swim spa in the deck.
  • Fencing is required to be around the swim spa for safety.
  • You can add landscaping features to the area, such as decking, privacy screens, seating, plants, and accessories like spa caddies, rails, steps and umbrellas.
  • The best location for swim spas should include easy access, privacy, a suitable foundation, and power and water supply – mySpaSydney can inspect the backyard and provide advice on the best place to install it.

We hope you found this guide helpful and that it has inspired you to consider adding a swim spa to your backyard. Explore all our swim spas online, or call 02 8850 6550 now to book a dip at our showroom in Hudson Ave, Castle Hill.