Best Backyard Spa Ideas for Sydney Lifestyle

Outdoor spa ideas to suit the Sydney lifestyle. If you want to add a spa, swim spa or plunge pool to your small backyard, apartment, or Airbnb, here are some fantastic installation and landscaping ideas to explore. 

Smart, Space-Saving Spa Ideas For Small Backyards

Spacious outdoor areas are becoming harder to find in Sydney these days. But don't fret because, with some creative planning and simple renovations, even the smallest of backyards can host a beautifully inviting spa.

1. Choose a triangular spa for corners and tight spaces

When space is limited, a corner spa, like our mySpace 2-person spa, is a perfect choice. The actual size and depth of this spa may deceive you; it has enough space for two people to sit comfortably and a sizeable footwell that provides the type of leg room you would find in bigger models.

The mySpace 2-person spa is great for apartments because it can easily fit into a balcony or small alfresco. It's a fantastic option for those seeking the luxury of a private hot tub without requiring a lot of space for installation.

2. Maximise your spa experience with compact backyard design and landscaping

Got tight backyard corners and areas? For our team at mySpa Sydney, that’s not an issue! We've come up with some pretty crafty solutions for tight spaces, and we've seen it all! On top of selling premium spas, swim spas and plunge pools, we also do spa installation and landscaping.

Take a look at this example of a garden bed turned into a relaxing corner spa with smart decking and planting around. Not only does it look great, but it also offers privacy and a bit of space for entertaining.

3. Have a multi-functional swim spa to combine wellness, fitness and entertainment!

Active lifestyle, pampering relaxation, and outdoor entertainment all rolled into one! Swim spas are a popular choice for small backyards, as they combine the benefits of a spa and a swimming pool, providing an excellent platform for aqua therapy and hydrotherapy.

Swim spas range in size and capacity; you can go for the compact mySwimgym 3-person swim spa or the mid-range myIndulge 5+ person swim spa. And if you want something extra, you can go for something bigger like the myWatersedge 8-person swim spa that we installed for our lovely customer at North Parramatta. mySpa Sydney undertook the full installation of this 5-metre swim spa, including excavation, slab, plumbing, electrical, spa supply, landscaping and carpentry.

Be inspired by these eight creative and practical swim spa landscaping ideas, or talk to one of our spa experts to tailor a solution that fits perfectly with your backyard setting.

Above-Ground Swim Spa Landscaping Ideas

If space isn't an issue and luxury and comfort are your keywords, we have a few spa above-ground swim spa landscaping ideas for you which could transform your backyard into a sumptuous outdoor living area:

1. Turn your backyard into an entertainment hub with a spa-side bar

Love hosting? Then this above-ground swim spa landscaping idea is for you. We've made a cosy ground-level patio that wraps around a roomy swim spa with matching timber that continues up onto the pool's sides, giving it a seamless look.

The standout feature is the slim bar that runs along the top of the spa pool cladding, complemented by bar stools.


2. Install a spa on top of a deck for elevated comfort



This spa pool is gracefully perched on a deck, providing ample room for seating. With matching timber around, the spa seamlessly integrates with the deck, offering a stylish and unified look. For more inspiration, check out this post on modern spa installation and decking ideas.

Is my deck strong enough for a spa?

This is a question that many of our customers have when they're considering an above-ground spa with a deck. Your deck can usually handle around 45 kilograms per square foot. But to get a more accurate answer, we recommend talking to a professional installer like mySpa Sydney. When it's filled with water, a spa can be quite heavy, sometimes weighing several thousand kilograms!

The mySpa Sydney team are experienced in structural landscaping, ensuring that your deck and spa setup will be safe and sound. Watch this video of an above deck spa installation we did for a family in Lindfield to get an idea of how we work.

Have a sunken spa on a deck for a more seamless effect


If you're not a fan of an above-ground spa with a deck, why not go for a sunken spa? This design offers a seamless transition from the deck to the water, provides easy access to the swim spa and is visually appealing.

Choose an indoor spa for year-round enjoyment


Indoor spas provide year-round enjoyment, allowing for relaxation and hydrotherapy regardless of the weather. We love the tranquillity and seclusion that's created in this spa installation.

Enclosed on two sides by a tall fence and sheltered with a gazebo, we positioned the spa in an alfresco setting just below the deck to allow for convenient seating and easy access to the pool.


Add a hot tub to your Airbnb to boost guest experience and attract more visitors!


"Do hot tubs increase bookings?" is a question often asked on online forums, and the overall answer tends to be yes! Airbnb properties with hot tubs have been found to have a 10% higher occupancy rate when compared to those without.

Take inspiration from this myPartner 3-person spa set-up - the luxurious timber-enclosed spa is artfully positioned under a beautiful natural canopy of trees to provide ample shade and a calming ambience of seclusion and privacy - a gorgeous backdrop for your guests to take their holiday selfies!

Spas in a contemporary garden style


Choose a contemporary spa landscape design for a sophisticated outdoor haven. Let's take a closer look at how you can achieve this.

1. Create a Minimalist Spa Haven

A minimalist spa design focuses on simplicity and functionality. Choose sleek decking materials like composite or natural timber and polished concrete to create a clean backdrop for your spa. Opt for a crisp, cubed spa design like the myOasis 5-person spa or the myEscape 5-Person Spa for a modern look.


2. Incorporate a Zen Garden Spa

Why not create a tranquil retreat with a spa nestled within a Zen garden? Use calming elements like bamboo, rocks, and a water feature to bring tranquillity and balance to your space. The sight and sound of flowing water will undoubtedly enhance the relaxation your spa provides.

3. Lap-up Luxury with High-end Spa Features

Incorporate high-tech features that transform your spa into a luxury retreat. Think touchscreen controls or a Smart Bar to hold your drinks conveniently. You're not just buying a spa; you're investing in your lifestyle. Go the extra mile for an extraordinary experience.

Remember, we're here to help you make your unique spa dreams a reality. Whether you prefer a tranquil Zen retreat or a minimalist modern design, our expert team is ready to assist. Contact us today and let's create the perfect spa for your Sydney backyard.


Spa installation and landscaping FAQS: Your biggest questions answered

What is the best base for an outdoor spa?

The best base for a space installed outdoors is a reinforced concrete slab that's at least 125mm (5 inches) thick. It's important that this foundation is a smooth, level surface without any cracks or hollows. It's also ideal for the slab to extend at least 200mm outside the spa dimensions for added stability.

For more info on this, check out this guide on the top factors to consider when choosing between an indoor and outdoor swim spa.

How do you landscape around a spa?

Here are a few ideas for landscaping around a spa:

  • Create privacy barriers and pathways using hedges: Evergreen or deciduous shrubs offer separation and can enhance your yard's aesthetics.



  • Decorative rocks and stones can add texture and sophistication, as focal points, borders, or pathways.



  • Build an outdoor living space or BBQ area, like a pergola, to provide comfort and shelter.



How can I make my backyard spa family-friendly?

  • Make your backyard spa family-friendly by following these tips:
  • Ensure safety with secure fencing and childproof locks.
  • Create a designated play area with suitable outdoor toys and activities.
  • Use slip-resistant materials around the spa to prevent accidents.
  • Maintain proper water chemistry and temperature control.
  • Establish clear spa rules for kids.

For more information view spa pool safety guide for Australia.

Need more inspiration or advice on spas, swim spas and hot tubs?

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