Top Factors to Consider When Choosing Between an Indoor and Outdoor Swim Spa

Swim spa offers health benefits for the whole family and is a great addition to your lifestyle. When deciding between indoor or outdoor swim spas in the Sydney area, homeowners need to look into several key areas before making a final choice.

Shopping for swimming spas can be an exciting yet daunting experience. With so many swim spa types, sizes, features and models to choose from, it's easy to be confused and even get caught up in deal of the day promotions.

But before you get overwhelmed by the vast range of available options, it's better to take a step back and consider the most basic questions to understand the best suitable positioning of a swim spa for your home.

Can you install a swim spa indoors?

Check space of your indoor space with swim spa size dimensions

First and foremost, consider whether you have enough space in your home to accommodate your swim spa. If your swim spa barely fits through your door, then there's no question that it would have to go outside. But if there is still ample space indoors, you will need to decide if you will install the swim spa in an existing area of your home or build a new room for it. 

Indoor Swim Spa ventilation system

You will need to have a good indoor swim spa ventilation system which will help control the humidity and condensation caused by the warm water. The indoor swim spa room would need an exhaust fan which will vent the air outside the room to continuously remove the condensation.

The condensation is produced when evaporating water produced by a swim spa gets mixed with cooler air in the room. This increases humidity and condensation, if the ventilation system is not proper and condensation is allowed to build up on windows, heating ducts, walls, outlets and fixtures, it will facilitate mould growth and can cause other damage such as rotting.

What preparation do you need for a swim spa installation outdoors?

If you're keen on swim spa installation outdoors, check whether your yard or garden has enough space as well as the proper foundation to support it. Outdoor swim spas are required to be installed on a concrete pad and a deck can be built around it.

A reinforced concrete slab of at least 125mm (5”) thick is a suitable foundation when installing swim spas. You must ensure this base is an even, level surface free from cracks or hollows. It’s preferable for the slab to extend at least 200mm outside the spa dimensions for stability.

Do you need a permit for a swim spa?

You will need to obtain permits and comply with certain swim spa regulations to be able to proceed with the installation. Enquire with your local building authority in the Sydney area to be aware of the complete requirements.

Benefits of indoor swim spa

A swim spa can offer year-round fun and relaxation to the entire family, but even more so when it's installed in the right place. For instance, having a swim spa inside the house is a suitable choice for those who want to use their spa on a daily basis without worry about what the weather will be like.

The downside to this, however, is that when the sun is up and shining bright, you will have no way of enjoying its warmth. If you decide to install your swim spa indoors, it is important to hire a professional that has experience in installing swim spas.

Benefits of outdoor swim spa

Outdoor swim spas, on the other hand, offer you the luxury of marvelling at the views outside while soaking up in the soothing warm water. You can heat up the pool and relax amidst the flurry of snow in winter, or take a dip and go sunbathing in summertime. Nevertheless, unpredictable and unfavourable weather could keep you from enjoying your spa outdoors.

Outdoor Swim Spa Maintenance

An outdoor swim spa maintenance can sometimes demand more care and attention than a unit installed indoors. Because it's outside, the unit will constantly be exposed to rain, leaves, snow, and debris, making cleaning more difficult. 

Constant exposure to the elements also leads to accelerated wear and tear. This is why purchasing a good cover can go a long way not only in making cleaning more manageable but also in increasing the energy efficiency of your spa.

Indoor Swim Spa Maintenance

Indoor swim spas, meanwhile, are best for those who want to spend more time relaxing in their spa than cleaning it because it requires minimal maintenance. You won't have to deal with dirt, rainfall, and other debris as much as you would with an outdoor spa.

Installing a swim spa in your home is a fantastic investment for you and your family to enjoy now and many years to come. It provides numerous benefits from improved health and wellness to spending quality time together, in addition to the amazing therapeutic massage and relaxation swim spa hydrotherapy. 

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