5 Benefits of an Above Ground Plunge Pool

There’s nothing better than a cool dip in summer and a warm soak in winter. Add to this the benefits of a pool that fits in a small yard but is big enough to swim in.

Plunge pools are the answer to a customisable experience in your own backyard. The above-ground plunge pool is a convenient and increasingly popular solution.

Plunge pools have so many benefits for Sydney homeowners, from their workout use to their options for relaxation. Here are 5 reasons why above-ground plunge pools are so much better than inground pools.


1. Plunge pools are more affordable than Swimming Pools

You might think that a pool will cost a similar amount, whether placed above or in the ground. This is actually not the case, and there are very good reasons why the above-ground plunge pools are more affordable.

Above-ground plunge pools in Australia are cheaper to install and use than inground pools. Inground pools require excavation and then need to be physically built into the ground. 

Above-ground pools, on the other hand, come pre-built. They just have to be fixed in place, leading to a process that is less messy and involved than the alternative. Above-ground pools will usually need a slab, and some will require at least a bit of excavation for the slab; these services are often provided by the plunge pools specialist company in your area

It’s as easy as choosing where to put the pool and preparing the space. Here are some above-ground plunge pool ideas for inspiration.

Once the area is ready, we can install the plunge pool for you in only one day. You can also opt to install the plunge pool yourself.

The purchase price is also lower for these premade pools; plunge pool prices start from $22,000.

Above-ground pools are more economical to run as they are smaller in size, meaning less power is needed to set the temperature and maintain heat. They heat more quickly and stay warm for longer. Our plunge pools are also particularly economical with power.


2. Plunge pools offer great workout features

We might think a more compact above-ground pool comes with diminished functionality for your exercise goals. This is not at all the case with plunge pools, which are cleverly engineered for all kinds of water activities, including exercise.

Despite being small above-ground backyard plunge pools, you can still use them for exercise. This is because plunge pools are fitted with swim jets to create a current of resistance for your workout routine.

Our above-ground plunge pools reach a moderate depth of 1.32 metres (myWatersedge plunge pool), and myWatersedge pools incorporate a sloping base, creating deep and shallow ends.

Our plunge pools may be compact, but they are still versatile and segmented for rest and movement, with seating at one end and space to move around at the other.

Learn more about plunge pools and how they can be a great addition to your backyard in the Sydney area.


3. Plunge pools are extra safe

Above-ground plunge pools have unique safety benefits as a factor of their above-ground design.

One of these features is the raised cabinet wall, which automatically cuts down on the risk of falling into the water. This combines with other fencing and safety measures as an important feature for households with small children or pets needing the extra barrier for their own protection.

Our plunge pools also have foam-filled covers that lock down over the sides of the above-ground cabinet. This keeps water in and everything else out when not in use.

The myWatersedge line of plunge pools is designed for the whole family to enjoy in safety. These plunge pools have deep and shallow ends, including a splash zone with seating and steps at the entrance to the pool.


4. Plunge pools look great in your home backyard

A plunge pool that's above ground needs to be attractively designed with so much of it visible. Thankfully, there are many appealing options for above-ground plunge pools that will complement and enhance your backyard surroundings. 

Our plunge pools are set in striking raised cabinets available in various materials and colours.

Cedar timber

Our plunge pools come with two options for timber-panelled cabinetry.

Australian Western Red cedar is an old favourite for plunge pools and still has a classic look.



EviroGum timber

However, needing a better budget option, there’s a new timber to the mix. This is EviroGum, a sustainable and locally sourced timber that creates an incredible finish at a lower price.



Grey Duratek

Another popular design choice is grey duratek panelling, designed for an attractive and environmentally friendly finish at affordable prices.



Our plunge pool covers come in a range of stunning colours to suit your preferences. 

  • Espresso
  • Slate Grey
  • Navy
  • Tan
  • Urban Beige


With so much variety to choose from, learn more about above-the-ground plunge pool landscaping ideas for homeowners in the Sydney area.


5. Plunge pools are easier to maintain

Their smaller size makes above-ground pools easier to maintain. These pools are more compact, making the water easier to filter and treat. 

Smaller bodies of water don’t need such big filters, and water filters cost less as they decrease in size. As for treatment, plunge pools come recommended with two sanitation options.

Purewater Ozone Sanitation: 
Good quality zone systems are a great answer to pool water care. Purezone ozone sanitation is a classic and reliable product for keeping your plunge pool water safe and sanitary.

Clearzone Water Sanitation:
This is a natural system that uses fewer chemicals than other pool sanitation systems.

Clearzone also keeps the water’s pH stable, meaning you don’t have to worry so much about testing and adjusting pH levels in your small above-ground plunge pool.


Stylish and convenient, above-ground plunge pools are the way to go. Check out our above-ground plunge pool range available in Sydney, or Contact Us to find more information about plunge pools.