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Are plunge pools worth it?

Are plunge pools worth it?

If you’re interested in a swim spa, but don’t have loads of space or money, you might be considering a plunge pool. But is a plunge pool a worthwhile investment? The answer isn’t black and white and really depends on what you’re looking for from your outdoor above-ground spa.

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What is a plunge pool?

Plunge pools are small swimming pools, often longer than your average hot tub but much smaller than a full-sized swimming pool. They’re very similar to swim spas, but usually slightly smaller and include fewer jets and pumps.

You’ll usually find plunge pools between 4 and 7 metres long, and 2 to 3 metres wide. Combined with some swim jets, this means a plunge pool is generally big enough for an adult to practice some light swimming or complete hydrotherapy exercise. However, if you’re training for competitive swimming you may find the limited number of swim jets makes a plunge pool an inferior option to a swim spa.

Plunge pools also double as spa pools or hot tubs, with heated, recirculating water and a limited number of massage jets.

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How does a plunge pool differ from a swim spa?

Plunge pools and swim spas are very similar products. The main point of difference tends to be the number of jets and levels of customisation.

For example, our popular myWorkout model is available as a 4.5m swim spa or as the more limited 4.5m plunge pool. Both are excellent choices, but one may better meet an athlete’s needs than the other.

Compared to the swim spa alternative, the myWorkout plunge pool has:

  • 2  swim jets, instead of 4
  • 35 massage jets, instead of 53-75
  • 1 Hydrojet boost pump, instead of 2-4
  • A simpler POWERsmart control and lower kilowatt POWERsmart heater
  • 5250 litre capacity and 4+ person seating, instead of 6000 litre capacity and 6+ person seating.

Furthermore, the plunge pool has a single standard offering with some customisation options. Meanwhile, the matching swim spa has 3 standard levels from Classic to Premium, to Extreme. 

In short, a plunge pool is a smaller, less powerful version of a swim spa with fewer premium levels and features. But that doesn’t mean a plunge pool isn’t worthwhile.



What are the benefits of a plunge pool?

While the above information may make plunge pools feel inferior to swim spas, it’s really more of an apples and oranges situation. If you’re after the full gamut and power of a swim spa, then perhaps a plunge pool isn’t for you. But a plunge pool still has a great range of benefits to offer.

1. A plunge pool is smaller and more affordable

Plunge pools are typically a bit more compact, meaning you can more easily fit them into your backyard, patio or pool room. You’ll also find they sit at a lower price point than a swim spa and the smaller size and power of a plunge pool means running costs are lower too.

2. A plunge pool is good for both relaxing and exercising

A plunge pool is capable of generate a current with its swim jets, enabling you to practice light swimming and hydrotherapy exercises at home. You can also switch off the swim jets and just use the SQR massage jets to unwind at the end of the day. 

3. A plunge pool can be used warm in winter and cold in summer

A smaller water volume means your plunge pool is quicker to cool down and heat up. So, you can switch the heating off in the summer to enjoy a cool dip or refreshing swim against the jets. Then when the temperature drops, turn the heating back on to defrost after a long day’s work.


So, is a plunge pool worthwhile?

Whether or not a plunge pool is worth your money depends on what you want from your pool. If you’re looking for a spacious, high-octane swim spa that can keep up with your intensive competitive swim training then a plunge pool might not be the right option.

But if you’re looking for a pool that you can use to keep fit with regular swimming exercise at home, that also doubles as a place for you to relax and entertain friends, then a plunge pool is a fantastic option with a smaller footprint and a competitive price point.


Find plunge pools in Sydney

If you still aren’t sure what’s right for you, why not come and try a plunge pool or swim spa for yourself? Visit mySpa Sydney’s showroom at Unit 4/10 Hudson Ave, Castle Hill with your bathers and a towel or book a dip online and we’ll help to find the best product to match your needs.