5 above ground spa pool landscaping ideas

Are you looking for fresh ideas for your outdoor space? While a spa or swim spa can look pretty attractive on its own, you can take your backyard one step closer to being a private paradise with full spa pool landscaping.

At mySpa Sydney, we offer complete installation and landscaping for our Australian-made spa pools and swim spas. We’re committed to working with you to turn your dreams into reality.

To help get you inspired, we’ve pulled together five of our favourite above ground spa pool landscaping ideas. Check them out below.

1. A spa-side bar in your backyard

A large spa pool with a bespoke wooden surround including steps and wrap-around bar with stools.

This spa pool installation and landscaping is one of our most beloved designs. Here, we’ve created a ground-level patio around a large spa pool. The same timber from the patio is extended up the cladding of the pool, creating a cohesive and seamless look.

We also built a set of steps to make getting into the pool easy and safe. The best part is the narrow bar that extends around the top of the spa pool cladding. With a few bar stools, the look is complete.

This spa cladding with a built-in bar makes entertaining a dream. You or your guests can luxuriate in the spa, while anyone who isn’t keen on a dip can relax by the pool and continue the conversation with their drinks at hand.

2. An intimate covered patio with spa

An intimate corner spa pool installation with bench seating surrounds and low garden lights.

We love the placement of this spa pool, which is flanked on two sides by a high fence and covered by a gazebo. This provides plenty of shelter from the elements, as well as total privacy outdoors. 

This cosy space is made even more intimate with low LED strip lighting along the spa surrounds and floodlights in the neighbouring garden beds. You and your guests will have ample light to see by, but with warm tones and indirect beams to create a relaxing haven.

The spa is installed lower than the top of the deck, but not so low that it’s level. This has allowed us to create box seating around the spa, which functions as a helpful shelf for drinks, a nice spot to sit by the pool, or a step up to make getting in easier.

3. Outdoor deck-level covered family spa

An above-ground spa pool installed in a deck, level with the top of the pool.

This spa pool remains well above ground, but is level with the surrounding deck, creating unobstructed views to the rest of the yard for both those in the spa and on the neighbouring sectional. 

The gazebo over the deck has several downlights installed to reflect off the warm wood and provide plenty of lighting for entertaining in the evenings. Fencing is a necessary feature around any level pool to minimise health and safety risks, but we haven’t let it impact the open feeling and views from this space. Instead, we’ve used glass panel fencing that contributes to the modern vibe without cutting the deck off from the rest of the home.

4. Tranquil & private standalone spa pool

A smaller hot tub with minimal, idyllic surrounds and lots of greenery.

Sometimes spa pools aren’t quite so much about entertaining as they are about relaxing alone. We love the individuality of this simple spa pool landscape. The tiled round section in this client’s garden and plenty of plants at different heights was an addon that helped create a tranquil space. 

Natural stone or stone imitation tiles are fantastic for outdoor spa landscaping, as they offer great slip resistance for added safety, while also complementing the natural feeling of a timber spa surround and lush greenery. 

This small spa is perfectly placed in its own oasis, allowing the client to step out to their yard for a private moment of relaxation away from the rest of the world.

5. Spa and swim spa with shared seating space

A larger swim spa in the foreground with a smaller hot tub in the background and an L-shaped seating area between them.

For busy families, or athletes, who can benefit from both a spa and a swim spa at home, we love to find creative solutions to fit both pools and more. With this installation, we’ve staggered the swim spa and spa pool in the backyard, with the larger swim spa in the foreground.

The swim spa has plenty of space around it for climbing in and out, and to provide ample protection from the “splash zone”. Meanwhile, the smaller spa is in its own nook in the corner, against the fence and plantings to add extra privacy.

Both are connected with a stepped-down lounging area, complete with a large L-shaped sectional to utilise as much of this entertainment space as possible. We’ve created a gazebo to cover the entertainment area and spa pool, but left the swim spa exposed to the sun for a refreshing daytime swim.

Transform your backyard with mySpa Sydney

If you’re feeling inspired and are ready to implement your favourite above ground spa pool landscaping idea, we’re here to help. Get in touch with the mySpa Sydney team to book a consultation and a dip, and we’ll be happy to chat.