6 Common Mistakes Swim Spa Owners Make

A swim spa is a fantastic investment your family can enjoy for years to come. To ensure a well running and long lasting swim spa, you need to keep it maintained. Weve outlined the 6 terrible mistakes that many new swim spa owners make so you can avoid unnecessary issues and focus on enjoying your swim spa.

  • 1. Not showering before swimming.

It can be tempting to dive right in and relax after a long day, but you will bring along outside substances which can damage swim spas. All of the hair products, body lotions, make up, deodorant etc. we use every day will come off in the water and cause water quality issues and clog your filter. Take a quick shower before jumping in, it will keep your quality high and reduce cleaning.

    • 2. Not wearing a swimming cap.

If youre going to submerge your head, make sure you wear a swimming cap. Over time hair gets sucked down your drain and eventually clogs up your swim spas filter. This will put strain on the pumps and could cause a malfunction.
We suggest wearing a swimming cap whenever possible; it will keep hair out of drains and filters so they can perform at 100% and will require less maintenance. We dont expect you to wear a cap during or a romantic soak, but to minimise the maintenance on your swim spa, wear one when you can.

    • 3.Not covering their swim spa.

      Even if your swim spa is under an umbrella or in a covered area, you should keep the cover on when not in use. All kinds of dirt and debris can settle into the spa and cause mechanical issues. It is unhygienic and your spa will get very dirty very quickly. Not only are our covers are good looking and hard wearing, they are also designed to capture heat and conserve energy which saves you money.

    • 4.Using household cleaning products.

Using household cleaners is one of the most common and most damaging mistakes new swim spa owners make - they contain harsh chemicals that are harmful to your spa and potentially your health.
It is incredibly important to only use dedicated cleaning products for your spa.The chemical composition of spa cleaners is designed to work with the chemicals already present in the water to keep it bacteria free. Many household cleaners contain chemicals which react with the acrylic lining of your swim spa, causing damage to your unit. Some react with the chemicals in the water and the results can be toxic.

    • 5.Using cheap spa chemicals.

It can be tempting to choose the cheaper option when it comes to spa chemicals, but this can be a very costly mistake. Grocery stores or building supply stores that try to stock all types of products, often carry the lowest quality spa products available.The main way spa chemical manufacturers save money is to add fillers, reducing the concentration of the active chemical ingredients which cost more. With a less concentrated product, you need to use more to accomplish the same thing. This disturbs the balance of the water which can lead to all sorts of problems such as damaged seals which cause leaks. The few dollars you saved buying cheap chemicals could cost be costly when you need to replace your pump. Purchase your chemicals through spa experts or licenced dealers. Our staff are more than happy to show you the best products to keep your spa clean and performing at 100%.

    • 6.Having the wrong temperature.

The right temperature is essential for a healthy and low-maintenance swim spa. Keeping your swim spa too cold when not in use can cause damage to the internal parts. Keeping the spa too hot on the other hand, makes your spa a breeding ground for bacteria. We suggest setting your swim spa to around 25 degrees for exercise and 28-30 degrees for family fun and relaxation.

A swim spa can be a life changing investment for you and your family. Avoid these 6 common mistakes so you can minimise maintenance and spend your time enjoying your swim spa.