The Best Hot Tub for your Injuries

Hot tub water therapy has been used to alleviate pain and soothe sore and tired muscles for decades. There was a resurgence of water cure in Europe, The United Kingdom, and The United States during the 19 th century. The water cure as it was commonly known is a term for some therapies, namely; hydropathy, which we now refer to as hydrotherapy.

Warm water therapy was enjoyed and used for medicinal purposes by the Greeks and ancient Romans. It is interesting to note that the origin of the word spa dates back to ancient Rome when Roman soldiers returned from the battle lines weary and wounded. The hot spring water helped to reduce pain and relax their tired and sore muscles. The Roman army proceeded to build baths around natural hot water springs. The sought after baths known as sanus per aquam of which the word spa is an acronym, means health from water.

Hydrotherapy can assist in enhancing your performance before and after you exercise. For those who play a hard game of rugby, but suffer the consequences of a contact sport; myRecovery can assist in accelerating the healing process. A hot spa might be the answer to your prayers. You have the advantage of relaxing and soothing your injuries simultaneously. The buoyancy, the heat, and hydrotherapeutic massage helps with circulation. mySpa Sydney hot tubs are designed with all the bells and whistles and have changed dramatically since the days of soaking in a natural mineral spa.

Note: If you have sustained a sports injury be sure to consult your doctor before using a hot tub. However, hot tubs have many benefits and so lets explore what those benefits are:


The buoyancy of the water in a hot spa supports 90% of your weight. Whether you have an injury or sore muscles, joint pain, a hot tub will reduce the strain on your joints. The reduction of pressure on your joints helps you to relax, rejuvenate and feel refreshed. The buoyancy aids in relieving pain due to an injury.


When you soak in a hot spa, it warms your body and helps to increase the blood flow. Your blood warms and causes your blood vessels to dilate and improves circulation. It results in more blood transferred to the areas that pain and eases the discomfort. Therefore, bringing temporary pain relief.

Hydrotherapeutic Massage

Anyone who has a hot spa can attest to the fact that you feel more relaxed after spending time in a hot spa. The innovative design of hot tubs with jets of different sizes, pressures, configurations and quantities are becoming increasingly popular. If injury hinders movement, the jets are designed to target muscles in your neck, back and knees. The Jets massage and relieve sore muscles and injuries. A hot spa may not heal your injury completely, but it does provide relief.

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