Can I use a bath bomb in my spa pool?

Thinking about using a bath bomb in your spa pool? Think again.

Spa pools are a great way to relax in your backyard, enjoy a good soak and let your muscles ease after a stressful day or plenty of physical activity. With the rise of pampering products like bath salts, bath bombs, and more, it’s no surprise that some people might consider using these bath products in their spa pool.

In this, article, we’ll discuss why you shouldn’t use bath bombs in your spa pool, plus some safer alternatives.

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Are bath bombs safe to use in spa pools?

No. In general, you should not use bath bombs in your spa pool. This is because bath bombs contain many ingredients that can clog or build up in your filter and negatively impact operation.

Your bathtub probably doesn’t have a motor, a filter, jets and a circulator pump. It also drains completely when unplugged, and all the ingredients of a bath bomb wash away too. Your spa is different. The water in your spa is circulated and kept hygienic through the use of chemicals and a filter. 

When you use a bath bomb, it releases all of its ingredients into the water. These can include oils, soaps and salts. Oils and salts can both solidify and clump up in the filter or other parts of the system and cause performance issues or even total breakdowns. 

A lot of bath bombs today also include mix-ins like flower petals, glitter or plastic toys. These are especially bad, as the large pieces are at a greater risk of causing a blockage.

Finally, bath bombs can change the pH balance of your hot tub. You want your spa water to have a pH between 7.4 and 7.6. Any higher or lower can result in ineffective sanitising or the build-up of scale.

Bath bombs are not suitable for hot tubs or swim spas.

What are some spa pool safe alternatives for bath bombs?

As a general rule, if it’s not made for a spa pool, don’t use it in a spa pool. That means no bath bombs, no bath salts and no bubble bath.

The inverse is also true: if it’s made for a spa pool, it’s probably safe to use in a spa pool. You may be able to find some brands online that make products designed for a spa pool. In general, spa-safe products are usually made with:

  • No oils or carrier oils
  • Neutral pH
  • No salt or epsom salt
  • No large debris like flower petals

Be sure to check the ingredients of any products you use to ensure there’s nothing harmful. If a product contains large debris, you may be able to stop it from entering the spa water by placing it inside a mesh bag or a pair of pantyhose before dropping it into the spa, but the possibility of debris escaping is never zero.

Of course, none of this will guarantee that a bath product won’t have a negative effect on your spa pool.

The best way to avoid damage is to simply forego using any bath products with your spa pool. If you’d like to enjoy something nice and smelly, try burning a scented candle, incense or aromatherapy oil burner in a safe place nearby while you use your spa pool. 

You can also use essential oils (not carrier oils) that are designed specifically for spa use for aromatherapy. Read more about aromatherapy on our blog.

You should also be sure to read the warranty for your spa pool before deciding to use any kind of bath product, as the use of some products may void the warranty.

Do you need help with your spa pool?

If you’ve used a bath product in your Sapphire spa pool and are experiencing issues with it, your best bet is to book a service from mySpa Sydney. We’ll send an authorised technician to look at your spa and figure out a solution.