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Come into the light

Come into the light

Set the mood – Romance or party

underwater perimeter lighting is just the thing

LED chain lighting can be subtly positioned beneath the waterline to create an elegant ambience to your spa pool and outdoor entertaining area. These multi-coloured LED beams of light produce a fluent display as they interact with the movement of water and bubbles within your spa.

A kaleidoscope full lighting system can be achieved with perimeter chain lighting and topside LED lighting. This reveals an elegant ambience of backlit water features. Touch pads and topside controls blend a kaleidoscope of colours in harmony with the LED lights positioned beneath the waterline.

But you can light more than just the water. Your spa will become the centrepiece of your backyard or pergola design with external LED lighting that highlights the natural beauty of your spa cabinet and integrates seamlessly with the magnificent in-spa display.



The mySpaLINK module and ‘app’ allow you to connect to and take control of your spa, locally or remotely via a WiFi, 3G or 4G network, providing access to your spa from any location at any time. Amazing, right?

You have complete control over all spa accessories – including pumps, air blowers and LED spa lighting effects and every possible spa configuration setting via your smart device.

With simple to use touch screen menus you can make adjustments to the spa temperature, selecting your desired heating mode, programming filtration, sleep or power save timers – at the touch of a button. This is one case where technology really makes life simple!

Take the beat with you

Take the beat with you

Sound travels better through water than it does through the air (just ask any whale!) so when you combine mySpaLINK with mySpaHiFi you get exceptional high definition stereo sound clarity with sub-woofer. Bluetooth is built in, so music or audio can be streamed directly to your spa from any bluetooth device (phone, tablet or PC). Sophisticated transducer technology produces immersive, underwater surround sound as the sound waves are fed through the spa shell and amplified by the volume of water. Now the party goes wherever you are!

Watch a movie using mySpaHiFi for an impressive surround sound experience or use it as a jukebox to play your favourite tracks or stream direct from the internet. If your smart device is away from the spa, the mySpaHiFi system will provide complete control over your audio via the spaside touchpad. As well as bluetooth, three other sources can be connected to mySpaHiFi, such as DVD player, TV or MP3 player at the touch of a button.

mySpaHiFi is a sealed module within the mySpaLINK controller underneath the spa, which eliminates troublesome stereo head decks and water proofing difficulties that are faced by traditional spa stereo systems.


  • high end digital audio processing
  • four channel, 50W per channel, stereo amplifier
  • 150W subwoofer amplifier
  • bluetooth connectivity plus 3 x auxiliary audeo input sources
  • dedicated spa side touchpad for control of all functions

The joy of bubbles

The joy of bubbles

Remember how wonderful you feel standing near a waterfall or beside a free flowing mountain stream? That’s the ‘bubbles of air’ – and some believe the negative ions produced by breaking water are good for your health.

At mySpa we help you can harness the power of oxygen by combining it with ‘fluid scent’ aromatherapy to take advantage of holistic therapy benefits.

Open the air injectors and millions of tiny bubbles, infused with essential oils are released through the massaging jets of your spa. How good does that make you feel? Even just thinking about it!

Our ‘bed of bubbles’ system infuses billions of oxygen-rich bubbles into your spa water, caressing your body in a rejuvenating cloud of oxygen.

Negatively charged bubbles open and cleanse your pores, removing impurities and dead skin cells far more effectively than just soap and water, encouraging rapid skin cell regeneration to leave your skin with a fresh and radiant glow.

Cellulite reduction – Increased oxygen levels, together with a hydromassage from your spa jets, result in better circulation and improved blood flow to help budge and stimulate stubborn areas of trapped waste products. Book a daily appointment with your swim spa and throw out your miracle cure body creams and diet regimes!

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