How often should I clean my filter cartridges and what’s the best way to do this?

Your spa filter system is crucial for the overall quality of the spa water. Dirty, worn out filters will fail in their job of trapping spa contaminants and will put undue strain on the spas pump motor, possibly shortening the life of the equipment.

Spa filter cartridges are made of a polyester micro-pore pleated filter media, designed to trap small contaminants suspended in the water. Sapphire Spas filters are a genuine 100sqft (2x50sqft cartridges) of filter media, designed to give the maximum area for collection of particulate matter from the water.

It is recommended that you clean your spa filter cartridges every two weeks (more often when bather load is heavy).

First, open the filter door (diagram i.) by pushing in inwards. Placing two hands on the filter faceplate, evenly slide it upwards until you can freely remove it (diagram ii.). Next, you need to slide out the cartridge cover (diagram iii.) and locate the 2 x filter cartridges in the base of the filter box (diagram iv.). Remove the two cartridges in turn (diagram v. & vi.) then clean as described below.

Use a garden hose and apply the water stream at a 45 degree downward angle. Ensure all debris and foreign matter is dislodged by spraying in between each pleat in the filters.

At least every 3 to 4 months and with EVERY water change, your cartridge filters should be pre-rinsed with the garden hose and then, following instructions, be soaked overnight in a commercial cleaning agent. You MUST consult your Sapphire Spas dealer for instructions on soaking overnight. Once clean, replace the filters, one at a time, then replace the cartridge cover. Finally, you need to replace the filter faceplate by sliding it back onto the front of the filter box. You must let the filter door fall back open into the filter box as you’re replacing the faceplate.

It is recommended that you have a spare set of filters available, when you are soaking the used filters, so you will never have to wait to use your spa and the filters will last longer. If you are using a filter rotation system, allow filters to dry, ready for immediate swap over next maintenance program. It is recommended that your filter cartridges be replaced every 18-24 months.

  • Don’t use laundry detergents or household cleaners to soak your filters as they may cause a major foaming problem.
  • Don’t use a power-washer or dishwasher to clean cartridge filters as the high water pressure will damage the filter media.
  • Don’t use a muriatic acid for acid soaking/washing of filters as acid reduces filter life and is dangerous to use.


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