Water Purification

How often should I replace my spa water?

Please check details of water restrictions that may apply at the time of replacing spa water. Drain 1/3 of your spa water and refill about every 3 to 4 months as long as water quality, cleanliness and clarity are being maintained. It is advisable to completely drain your spa pool every 6 to 12 months.

Refer to ‘How do I drain my spa’ within this section for instructions.

What do I need to know about water maintenance?

It is important to have clean, sanitised water. Water balance and maintenance are probably the most important areas of your spa pool that must be monitored regularly. Your dealer will have the best advise and water management program that will achieve perfect water in your spa that best suits your conditions.

Fundamentally there are three areas of water maintenance you need to adhere to:


Filtration is managed by your control system and, once set, will give you the required filtration needed to keep your spa water at optimum cleanliness levels. It is essential that filter cartridges are cleaned regularly (refer Filter Maintenance)


Sanitisation is essential in health and well being of all bathers in your spa. It is your responsibility to regularly monitor and maintain satisfactory levels. The sanitiser will chemically control bacteria and viruses present in the water or those introduced during use of the spa. Se veral sanitisation methods are available. Upon ordering your spa, you will have already chosen a sanitisation method; ozone, Nature2 or conventional sanitisation chemicals. Your dealer has advised you of the most suitable santisation method.

Chemical Balance

Chemical Balance and pH control is essential for the overall balance of your water. Correct balance determines the effectiveness of your sanitiser to work at its maximum efficiency, minimises scale build up and corrosion of metals, and extends the general life of your spa. Regular testing and dosing is essential and it is advisable to get your water analysed through your Sapphire Spas dealer periodically


How do I drain my spa?

Depending on bather usage and the type of sanitising system used, your Sapphire spa needs to be drained regularly every two to four months. This is necessary because the amount of total dissolved solids becomes excessive, making it difficult to maintain balance of the water and sanitiser effectiveness is hampered.

You only need to drain off approximately 1/3 of your water to refresh your system and maintain good, clean water again. It is advisable to completely drain your spa pool every 6 to 12 months.

Draining through the drain valve
  1. Locate the drain/refill valve towards the base of your spa cabinet and pull cap out from the housing approximately 2” until it snaps into place.
  2. Remove the cap by unthreading counter-clockwise to reveal the threaded connection.
  3. Fit the hose adaptor supplied to the threaded connection of the spa drain and snap your garden hose to this.
  4. Pull to extend the threaded connector and allow reasonable flow through the valve to empty the spa. The spa water will drain out through gravity feed only, so this may take several hours. Ensure you run the water to an approved discharge area. It is advisable if you wish to discharge water on the garden or grass, that you do not treat the spa for several days beforehand so chemical build-up will not harm the area. Once the spa is emptied, push the threaded sections back together to seal the drain/refill valve. After a total drain use a towel or sponge to remove any excess water that may remain.


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