What is Ozone?

Ozone is active oxygen, O. It occurs naturally in the earth’s atmosphere to protect us from the sun’s harmful rays.

What are some of the uses of Ozone?

Some common uses are: pool and spa water purification, drinking water purification, waste water purification and air freshening.

How long has ozone been used to purify water?

Since the late 1800’s.

How long has ozone been used to purify pool and spa water and odours from the air?

Over 50 years.

How does the ozone used for water purification affect the air we breathe?

The amount of ozone produced by an ozone generator is insignificant to the normal atmosphere we live in. When dissolved in water, ozone is extremely safe. Excess ozone quickly converts back to oxygen. Note: do not breathe concentrated ozone gas.

Is ozone the same as SMOG?

No! smog is air pollution caused by combustion polluters. While smog contains small amounts of ozone, it is largely composed of harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide. In fact, smog and other pollutants may contribute to the damage of the ozone layer.

If I use ozone in my pool or spa, will I help replenish the ozone layer?

No, because ozone reacts so quickly with contaminants in water and air that it converts back to oxygen within minutes or even seconds. Any ozone molecules that break free from the pool or spa water will conver to oxygen and never reach the atmosphere.

Will ozone hurt me?

No! In the quantities necessary to be effective, ozone is very gentle to humans and equipment in water. However, you should never breathe concentrated ozone gas.

Does ozone have an odour?

Yes. Depending on the concentration, the odour ranges from slightly sweet to moderately antiseptic.

Will ozone kill bacteria?

Yes. It is one of the most effective, complete bactericides of all the earth’s measureable elements.

Will ozone kill viruses?

Yes. Ozone kills virtually all known viruses in water and air.


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