Initial Start Up

My spa has just been delivered, what now?

Unwrap your new spa carefully without using sharp implements and thoroughly inspect it for any damage (consult your dealer immediately, before you locate your spa, if transit damage is apparent).

How do I fill my spa?

Your engineered Sapphire Spa has been thoroughly factory tested during the manufacturing process to ensure maximum reliability and long term customer satisfaction. Wipe out the small amount of excess water from the spa that may have remained in the plumbing after factory testing. Make sure the spa is clean before you begin to fill with water.

Do not fill the spa with hot water as tripping of the high limit thermostat may occur when you power up the spa. Firstly, remove the side panels on the spa where the engine bay and control equipment are situated. Ensure all barrel unions are tight and shut off valves open.

With the power source switched off, place your garden hose into the spa. Now turn on your tap and wait until water level has reached the ‘fill line’ marked half way up the skimmer box face. This may take quite some time depending on your water pressure.

Once your spa is filled to the correct level, check for leaks in the engine bay (equipment may loosen during transit) and refit the doors. You are now ready to power up your spa.

How do I start up my spa for the first time?

You have complied with all local and statutory requirements, so you can now commence the starting up procedure.

  • Rotate all jets to the ‘on’ position.
  • Ensure filter cartridges are fitted.
  • Turn on the power to the spa.
  • The pump will start on prime mode and purge any air out of the system.
  • Your dealer has supplied you with a start-up chemical kit that will enable you to treat the spa water before usage.
  • Follow the instructions carefully, give the spa an initial dose and then proceed with setting the control system.
  • Sapphire spa pools are fitted with the ComfortControl Deluxe or Standard Control System. Follow the ‘User’s Guide’ supplied with your spa pool to set up the control system to your desired settings (also available in the ‘Downloads’ tab of Customer Care).
  • Ensure all air controls on your spa pool are turned to the ‘off’ position. Failure to turn off the air controls will extend your heat up time dramatically.
  • Place the hardcover on your spa pool to insulate your spa and obtain maximum heat up. Failure to fit your hardcover correctly will extend your heat up time dramatically.
  • Your spa pool will now heat and filter ready for you to enjoy....

Do I add chemicals straight away?

Please contact your Dealer to organise a water purification plan.


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