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How much space do I need around my spa?

Your spa equipment is located behind removable panels which need to have unrestricted access for service purposes. When a spa is installed within a deck, access beneath the deck is advised. We recommend that, where possible, attempt to install your spa so that it can be moved or lifted from the ground. At least 1/2 metre clearance around all sides of your spa is the ideal access distance.

Can I put my spa pool on timber decking?

Sapphire Spas recommend that you consult a structural engineer to ensure that your decking is capable of safely and adequately supporting the full weight of your spa when in use. Should you wish to surround your spa by deck, we suggest that you install it on a concrete slab (as above) then build the deck to surround your spa.

Do I have to put my spa pool on a concrete slab?

Do not put your spa on any soft surface such as grass, sand, pebble or dirt as this may place undue stress on your spa, causing it to distort and/or crack. Damage caused by an inadequate foundation will void the warranty on your spa. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure correct installation of the spa. Whether choosing a concrete slab or timber decking to support your spa pool, Sapphire Spas strongly recommend the use of a licensed contractor.

Your concrete slab should...

A reinforced concrete slab of at least 150mm (6”) thick is a suitable foundation for your spa. You must ensure this base is an even, level surface free from cracks or hollows, piering. It’s preferrable for the slab to extend at least 100mm outside the spa dimensions for stability.

What do I need to organise before my spa is delivered?

Prior to the arrival of your new spa, please ensure clear access is available from the delivery truck to the selected location for your spa. Your spa will usually arrive on a small truck or trailer (consult your dealer for details of space required to maneouver and park). The driver will make every effort to get as close to the site as possible to unload your spa. You will need to be on hand for the delivery and ensure you provide enough manpower to maneouver the spa onto site. Consult your dealer in relation to assistance such as trolleys. Check the dimensions of your spa in the table on the previous page. Your spa may be tilted onto it’s side to fit through a smaller pathway, but you need to then allow for the increased height of the spa and any trolley being used.

Please consider these possible restrictions which may apply to your selected delivery route:

  • the width of all doorways, gates and pathways
  • the height of low trees, roof eaves, guttering or telephone lines
  • tight bends to be negotiated, ex. 90o turn (take measurements)
  • obstruction from protruding fixed objects, ex. meter boxes, a/c units, hot water services, water/gas meters
  • you may have to cut or tie back shrubs or trees, move dog kennels, bbq’s, planter boxes or wood piles
  • severe slopes along the route which may cause trouble


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