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What things should I consider before buying a spa?

The position of your spa is your first consideration. You can then decide on what size spa would be suitable for your needs and budget. Visit your local mySpa store to sample and see the wide range of spas that we have to offer.

Do spas have therapeutic benefits?

Absolutely! Regular Hydrotherapy treatments will help your body to relax and unwind. The massage provided by Sapphire Spa’s powerful hydrotherapy jets assists in improved circulation, muscle recovery and is a natural way to enhance the body’s natural healing processes.

Does my spa need to be hardwired?

This depends on the spa model. Hardwiring is required if the power drawn is above 15 amps. Consult your local Sapphire Spas Dealer for further information.

Do I require a pool fence around my outdoor spa?

Even though your spa comes with a lockable HeatsaverHardcover, you will need to check with your local council authority as all states of Australia have different regulations.

Can I put my spa pool indoors?

For indoor spa installation, ensure that you have sufficient drainage around your spa, flooring materials must provide good grip when wet and adequate ventilation must be allowed for.


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